AI Still Sucks at Optical Illusions, So at Least we Have That Going for us

Optical illusions take advantage of shortcomings in the visual system. Certain special designs can trick our brain as it’s trying to process the information that’s coming in. Learning more about what can trick our minds would help us learn more about the human mind itself. Read More >>

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How Can This Spinning Arrow That Always Points Right Actually Exist?

Mathematician Kokichi Sugihara, of Meiji University in Japan, once again proves he’s the greatest illusion inventor of our time. Instead of just creating mind-melting images, he creates real-life 3D objects that appear to ignore the laws of our universe. How can this arrow, that perpetually points right, no matter how you turn it, actually exist? Read More >>

This Optical Illusion of Multiplying Dogs Is a Crash Course In How Digital Image Editing Works

Slice up a photo of a dog and reassemble it, and you’ll be left with two images of the same pup. Slice those photos up again, and somehow you’ll then have four images of that doggo. It seems like an impossible optical illusion, but this neat trick is actually a very basic demonstration of how image editing apps work. Read More >>

This Surprising Illusion Makes Two Copies of the Same Image Look Like Different Photos

There’s no shortage of meticulously crafted illustrations and animations out there if you’re looking to tax and perplex your brain, but sometimes optical illusions can happen naturally in the real world. Like when someone put two copies of this same photo side-by-side, resulting in a bizarre illusion where your brain thinks these two roads actually converge. Read More >>

Can You Find the Perfectly-Camouflaged Snow Leopard Hidden On This Mountainside?

There’s a good reason it’s so difficult for photographers and film crews to capture the elusive snow leopard in the wild. The animal’s not only a master of stealth, it also sports a patterned fur coat that turns it nearly invisible in its natural habitat. Can you find the big cat sneaking up on its prey in this amazing photo by wildlife photographer Inger Vandyke? Read More >>

Can You See All 12 Black Dots At Once?

It’s no dress, but this optical illusion will surely make your head hurt. Read More >>

Crazy Illusion Somehow Transforms Rectangles Into Circles in the Mirror

What in the sorcerous hell is this? Kokichi Sugihara’s ‘Rectangles and Circles’ illusion is a mind-bending visual trip that turns squares into circles and circles into squares right in front of your face. Different shapes are placed at a mirror and what you see in front of you is totally different from what you see in the mirror. It’s like the mirror is actually a portal to another dimension where squares are circles and circles are squares. Seriously ... what the hell? Read More >>

Furniture that Flattens Into Wall Art is Perfect for Cramped Flats

Just because you live in a cramped flat doesn’t mean you don’t want to entertain. So here’s a brilliant way to keep some extra seating around, without wasting precious floor space once all your guests have left. Read More >>

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Why on Earth Are Saturn’s Rings Crossing Each Other?

If this feels like an optical illusion, your Saturn sense is dead on. The gas giant’s rings don’t crisscross at 90 degree angles. They do, however, cast shadows, a fact which the latest shot from the Cassini spacecraft illustrates beautifully. Read More >>

In the Battle of Ears Versus Eyes, What Wins?

Two well-documented sensory biases enter. One entirely new sensory bias leaves. This is what happens when researchers pit your eyes against your ears to see which one you’ll believe. Read More >>

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All the Ways Your Brain Can be Tricked by Comparisons

Want to see a gender-neutral face turn masculine? How about a neutral face turn friendly, or a sharp picture turn fuzzy? This brief video will take you through all the ways your brain adapts to a stimulus, until you see things that simply aren’t there. Read More >>

Freaky Illusion Gives the Impression of a Floating City in the Clouds

This extraordinary image of an apparent floating city has created a stir among conspiracy theorists, but a well-known optical illusion is the likely explanation for the phenomenon. Read More >>

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10 Really Easy Optical Illusions Anyone Can Do to Fool People

Some of these optical illusions from Quirkology are totally silly but there are others that are genuinely fun to do, especially to kids and/or drunk people. It’s like explaining how to perform actual magic and how to exploit the weakness that is the human eyeball. Read More >>