Horrified Surgeons Discover 27 Contact Lenses in Woman’s Eye

While prepping a 67-year-old female patient for routine cataract surgery at England’s Solihull Hospital, physicians noticed a strange bluish blob in one of her eyes. On closer look, the blob turned out to be 17 contact lenses stuck together. Another 10 lenses were subsequently discovered in the same eye. The surgeons have never seen anything quite like it. Read More >>

giz explains
Why Staring at the Sun Makes Your Eyes Taste Like Burning

Snow blindness, arc eye, welder's flash, bake eyes—these all describe the common effects of staring at an intensely bright light source. But what actually happens to your eyes when you try to hold a staring contest with our closest star? It's not pleasant, that's for sure. Read More >>

Eye robot
New Robot Surgeon Will Keep Jittery Docs from Scrambling Your Eyeballs

You're the patient? Excellent, please lie down on this table. I'll be your doctor today but will be working from the next room, remotely controlling the needle-wielding robot above you — I'll try not to sneeze! Just kidding. So, who's ready for some eye surgery? Read More >>