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Microsoft Beats out Amazon for Pentagon’s £7.8 Billion Cloud Computing Contract

The Pentagon’s £7.8 billion deal to provide cloud computing services to the U.S. Department of Defense officially went to Microsoft on Friday. The news came as an upset to Amazon, whose competing bid appeared to be the frontrunner for most of the contract’s deliberations. Throughout the year-long process, President Donald Trump has repeatedly rebuked Amazon’s prospects, which seems in part an extenuation of his outspoken vendetta against the company and its CEO, Jeff Bezos. Read More >>

This Machine Makes It Easy for Libraries to Clean Thousands of Books

How often have you pulled a rarely needed book off your shelf and needed to blow a layer of dust off of it? Now imagine what libraries have to deal with, given the tens of thousands of tomes in their collections. But it turns out someone’s already invented a machine that cleans books like a tiny waterless carwash. Read More >>

Looks Like a Russian Cybergang Hacked Into One of the World’s Largest Payment Systems

According to a report by security blogger Brian Krebs, Oracle’s popular MICROS point-of-sale terminals support website was commandeered by a Russian cybergang. This is bad since MICROS is in the top three most popular payment systems in the world. Read More >>

The Maker of Java is Seeking £6.4 Billion From Google

There is a long-running legal battle between Oracle and Google over the use of Java, an Oracle product, in Android. In the latest court filing, Oracle is shooting for the moon: $9.3 billion (£6.4bn) in copyright damages from Google. Read More >>

Oracle Deleted its Insane Rant Against Security Hackers But You Can Read it Here

Oracle’s security chief Mary Ann Davidson published a rambling screed against the security research industry, bug bounties, and reverse engineering on the company’s corporate blog. Oracle took it down, but the rant is one of the most impressively incoherent tirades to come out of Silicon Valley. And that’s saying something. Read More >>

6 Tech Company Slogans That Mattered

Intel's always been a bit of a brand machine — remember the "Intel Inside" stickers? — and on Tuesday it upheld that tradition. In a pivot from the sort of stodgy "Sponsors of Tomorrow" slogan, the company is going with the hacker-friendly "Look Inside." How much can a new slogan really matter, though? A lot, if history is any guide. Read More >>

Oracle’s Latest Java Fix Is Still Broken, Better Learn to Live Without

Remember that big zero-day Java vulnerability the everyone was all worried about? Well, Oracle fixed it. Oh wait, no. That latest Java fix still has a big ol' hole. It's time to abandon ship, folks. Read More >>

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How To Disable Java in Your Browser

Java isn't good for your for your computer's health right now. It can mess it up pretty bad. Bad enough that the US Department of Homeland Security is warning its citizens to turn it off. OK, but how do you do that? Fortunately, it's not that hard. Read More >>

The List of Google’s Paid Bloggers Is Way Less Fun Than We Wanted It to Be

Well, to be fair, any list of bloggers is going to be less fun than any expectation you could possibly have for it. (And your expectations for a blogger list better be pretty low to begin with.) But this list of who commented on the Oracle vs. Google trial, while also being paid by Google? Dud. Read More >>

Google Denies Paying Bloggers During Java Lawsuit

As the last details of the Google vs. Oracle Java lawsuit wrap up, both companies have responed to a court order to disclose paid bloggers. Google has claimed they had none, despite Oracle's assertions to the contrary. Oracle fessed up to one. Read More >>

Oracle CEO Ellison Buys Hawaiian Island; James Bond Gets Nervous

Larry Ellison, the sixth richest man in the world, has just bought 98 per cent of Lanai, the sixth largest island in Hawaii. All the other kids at the billionaires club must have been bullying Ellison over his private island credentials, because his newly purchased chunk of America is 1000 times bigger than Branson's puny piece of off-shore real estate, that'll show 'em. Read More >>

Oracle Ordered to Pay Google’s Costs in Latest Legal Humiliation

Fresh from losing a critical battle in its fight with Google over Java and Android, Oracle has now been shamed a little more thanks to the judge ordering it to pay Google's legal fees. Read More >>

Oracle Loses Google/Java API Copyright Case, Android Bandwagon Free to Roll on

A US judge has ruled on the case between Google and Oracle, in which Oracle was trying to claim copyright ownership of some code used within Java and therefore Google's Android OS that's built around it. The judge dismissed some of Oracle's key complaints, saying Google's actions were fine. Read More >>

Oracle v. Google Juror: ‘Wanted Steak. Got Parsley’

Jury duty! The worst. Civic duty? Oh please. And since we can't avoid serving, it better be good. One unnamed juror from the high-profile Oracle v. Google case was described by Jury Foreman Greg Thompson, 52, as dissatisfied with Oracle uber-lawyer David Boies's attempts to prove Google had infringed on both its patents and its copyrights in building the Android mobile OS. Read More >>

Jury Finds That Google Did Not Infringe Oracle’s Patents

After a week of deliberations a jury has returned a verdict in the patent portion of the Google-Android fight to the death. Google is innocent — it did not infringe on two of Oracle's patents with Android. Read More >>