RIP Chantek, the Signing Orangutan Who Was Just Like Us

There is no permanent good in this world. One minute, everything seems fine. The next minute, the forces of darkness steal away Chantek, the beloved, 39-year-old signing orangutan. Read More >>

Baby Orangutans Rely on Their Mothers’ Milk For Almost a Decade

With the exception of whatever weird shit humans are doing, lactation continues to be the source of food for all baby mammals on this nipple-sucking (or skin-licking) planet. When it comes down to how long mammals nurse for, though, orangutans hold the record: Six to eight years. Read More >>

Stunning Blue-Eyed Albino Orangutan Rescued From Captors

A conservation group has rescued an incredibly rare albino orangutan from villagers on the Indonesian part of Borneo island, who were keeping the blue-eyed, white-haired primate in a cage. Sick, dehydrated, and exhibiting signs of a bloody nose, it could take a month before the ape can be released back to the wild. Read More >>

This Orangutan Has Been Taught to Mimic Human Speech

An orangutan at Indianapolis Zoo is currently whoring itself out for treats and camera time by mimicking human speech in front of researchers. Read More >>

A Wild Female and Male Orangutan Teamed Up To Murder Another Orangutan

Anthropologists in Borneo observed a rare instance of a female and a male orangutan teaming up—to kill another female orangutan. This is the first observed time a female-female conflict in orangutans has turned lethal, and the way the it went down changes what we thought we knew about orangutan behaviour. Read More >>

Xbox One Kinect Finds New Life as Educational Gaming Toy for Orangutans

Scientists have found a way to use one discarded Xbox One Kinect sensor, with a team bringing joy to a group of captive orangutans by creating them their very own "interactive digital space." Read More >>

Zoo Builds World’s Best Orangutan-Only Rope Line

What happens when you want to give an animal one proper-sized enclosure, but you only have two half-sized enclosures? You need a “sidewalk” designed for the world’s most arboreal ape. Read More >>

Climbers Helped a Zoo Make Sure its Orangutan Habitat is Escape-Proof

The Kansas City Zoo didn’t have the best track record when it came to penning-in its primates—two gorillas got out in 2012 and two chimpanzees ran away in 2014 (I assume they all were brought back?). So when building a new orangutan habitat, the zoo brought in some experts to test the sheer rock walls for climb-ability. Read More >>