Megaphone Protest Wins Man £450 PS4 Refund from Blockbuster

Adam Sibley pre-ordered and paid for a PS4 through re-bankrupted entertainment chain Blockbuster, and was told he wouldn't receive the console -- but could have store credit for £450 worth of CDs and DVDs instead. A one-man megaphone protest won him his money back, though. Read More >>

Three Prices-up iPhone 5S — Minimum Spend is £99 Upfront and a £37 a Month Tariff

UK mobile network Three has joined EE and O2 in announcing its pricing for the iPhone 5S, revealing there's going to be a minimum upfront fee of £99 regardless of which option you take. The good news is, unlimited mobile data's then yours for £37 a month.. Read More >>

Rockstar Cracks Down on GTA V Deliveries, Demands Nothing Goes Out Early

Retailer GAME claims shops have been warned to make sure no one gets their pre-ordered copy of GTA V before launch day, with Rockstar demanding that no discs are put in the post before September 16th -- the day before the official launch. Read More >>

xbox one
First Party Xbox One Games Priced at £50

Microsoft's started trying to tempt gamers into pre-ordering the Xbox One launch games, with a handful of the new console's games now available to bagsie on the Microsoft Store. The bad news is a £49.99 RRP for the likes of Forza 5 and Kinect Sports Rivals. Read More >>

BlackBerry Q10 Priced at £579 SIM-Free

BlackBerry's either extremely confident about its forthcoming Q10's chances of success or desperate to pull in any money while it can, with the new QWERTY BB10 model now up for pre-order in the UK at the astonishing price of £579. That's a super-high price usually reserved  for established smartphone kings Samsung and Apple. An audacious move by BlackBerry, or commercial death-wish madness? Read More >>

RIM’s BlackBerry Z10 May Launch Right After Tomorrow’s Global Reveal

Rumour has it RIM might "pull an Apple" at tomorrow's big BB10 reveal, with sources suggesting it might put the new BlackBerry Z10 on sale right after the launch event. The news comes via a supposed internal communication from Vodafone UK, which suggests the Z10 will be available for order at 5.00pm tomorrow. Mind you, internal emails are easy to fake, and pre-order campaigns are very different from actual delivery dates... [The Verge] Read More >>

Google’s Sticking Your Nexus 7 in the Post by July 20th

Google has given us some hard dates on shipping schedules for its Nexus 7 tablet, helping end some of the confusion over who's getting their tablets and who's still stuck in the queue for machines bought direct from Google. Read More >>

Blue Galaxy S III Trickling into the UK, as Vodafone Starts Sending ‘Em Out

Despite supposedly launching at the end of May, Samsung's stock difficulties and the mega bank holiday weekend have come together to ruin the Galaxy S III's big moment, with stock of the blue version nowhere to be seen and the white model missing its launch day. However, the blue one is now landing on the doorsteps of excited men. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy S III Already a Winner, With 9 Million Ordered so Far

Samsung's already counting the cash and planing a nice little holiday with the proceeds from the sales of its new Galaxy S III model, which has accumulated 9million advance orders from phone shops and networks around the world. Read More >>