A Sports Cam With Eyes On the Back of Its Head Captures Twice the Action

Now here's a unique take on the seemingly unending supply of action sports cams hitting the market. Oregon Scientific's ATC Chameleon packs a pair of adjustable lenses on the front and back of the camera with 110-degree fields of view. So athletes can share what's happening behind the camera, as well as what's in front. Read More >>

Inductive Charging Alarm Clock Gets Rid of the Dumbest Unitasker You Own

Why would anyone want a mat that does nothing but charge phones? It's dumb and ugly and takes up space. But an alarm clock that you just set your phone down on to charge it? Yes please. Read More >>

Waterproof ATC Mini Captures Extreme Sports at a Not So Extreme 720P

Unlike the GoPro Hero2 which needs a housing to protect it from the elements, Oregon Scientific's ATC Mini is waterproof right out of the box. Ready to capture your extreme underwater exploits to a depth of 66 feet, though at a disappointing 720P. Read More >>