Honor’s Mid-Range Phone is Trying to Save Us From the £1000 Flagship

For the last few years, £600, £650, or maybe even £700 was all you needed to get a brand new top-of-the—line phone. But in 2018, a lot of people are going to tasked with a difficult choice: shell out another £200 or £300 to hit the increased price tags flagships are now demanding, or settle for something a bit more affordable. And at first, this proposition might sound like another frustrating aspect of an increasingly crazy product cycle, but it doesn’t actually have to be that way. That’s because there are mid-range phones like the £500 OnePlus 5T and this new £520 Honor View 10 (currently marked down to £450), that can make that second option feel less like a compromise and more like a good way to stop getting screwed. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S8’s Oreo Beta Programme Just Kicked Off in the UK

Oreo has been on Google devices for a short time, and now two of the latest Samsung handsets will get access to the latest version of Android thanks to a new beta programme that just kicked off here in the UK. Read More >>

How to Cheat at the Oreo Twist Game, According to Mechanical Engineers

The game of twisting an Oreo and seeing which wafer the cream is on has been used to make decisions, random predictions and resolve disagreements for decades. Now, a group of graduate students from Princeton claims to have cracked the code for which cookie the cream will end up on so that you can be a dirty cheater. Read More >>

An Oreo-Making Robot is Pretty Much Mankind’s Greatest Achievement

You can forget the wheel, nuclear power, and even the internet. All of man's greatest creations have been eclipsed by this pint-sized robot that's able to make custom Oreo cookies whenever you have the craving. Read More >>