In World First, Woman Gives Birth After Receiving Uterus Transplant from Dead Donor

A team of doctors in Brazil have announced a medical first that could someday help countless women unable to have children because of a damaged or absent uterus. In a case report published Tuesday in the Lancet, they claim to have successfully helped a woman give birth using a transplanted uterus from a deceased donor. Read More >>

The Government’s Launched its Opt-Out Organ Donation Consultation Online

Back in October the government announced that it would be holding a consultation about the topic of an opt-out organ donation system, similar to the system currently in place in Wales and the one planned for Scotland. Now that consultation has made its way online, so that the general public can have their say. Read More >>

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Should You Be Allowed to Sell Your Kidney?

There are currently 96,559 candidates on the list awaiting a kidney transplant in the US. In major cities, the average wait is five to ten years. For those on the list, there are meagre options to get off it. They could receive a kidney donation from a relative or a friend. Internationally, some have opted for a murkier route. In 2012, the World Health Organization reported an influx of people taking “transplant tours” to countries like China, Pakistan, or India for often poorly regulated and illegal operations. (Currently, Iran is the only country where it is legal to sell your organs, but not to foreigners). The WHO estimated 10,000 operations involving “black market” organs per year. Read More >>

The Government is Going to Hold a Consultation About Opt-Out Organ Donation

At the moment organ donation is based on an opt-in system with people signing to say that, yes, when they die they would like their body parts to be taken out and given to people that need desperately need them to survive. Now, though, ministers have announced that a consultation will be take place about introducing an opt-out system. Read More >>

Apple Wants to Let You Become an Organ Donor With a New iPhone Feature

Apple plans to add a new feature to its Health app that will allow users in the US to easily sign up with a national organ donor registry, according to a report from the Associated Press. Read More >>

This Heart in a Jar Could Make Heart Transplants Safer

What looks like a prop from a steampunk movie is actually a partially decellularised heart in a bioreactor. And this heart has the potential to save the lives of heart attack patients, and, one day, people who need heart transplants too. Read More >>

Facebook Makes Organ Donation Social

This morning, Facebook announced that it's making organ donation social. From today, you'll be able to declare that you're an organ donor on your timeline—something that Zuckerberg hopes will drive more people to sign up to donate. Read More >>