Do You Want to Eat This New Caffeine-Catalysed Gel as Much as I Do?

Finally, scientists have delivered exactly what you’ve been asking for: an edible polymer gel made with caffeine. Finally. Read More >>

The Latest Discovery of Organics in Space is Nothing to Get Excited About

Astronomers have detected traces of an organic compound known as methyl chloride around a group of young stars. The discovery comes as a complete surprise to scientists, but instead of signifying the presence of alien life, it’s forcing them to re-evaluate the source of this molecule and its role as a basic building block for habitability. Read More >>

Complex Organic Molecules Discovered on Rosetta’s Comet

With only a few days left before it’s scheduled to crash-land on the surface of Comet 67P, the Rosetta spacecraft is still yielding amazing discoveries. And I’m not just talking about lost comet landers. Read More >>

Vegetable-Based Computer Processors? Lettuce into Your Secret

A team of researchers from the University of the West of England have put their heads together to find possible new forms of conductors for use in computing sensors and processors. After having no luck with slime mould, they have come up with the idea of using lettuce instead – but of course! Read More >>

The Batteries of the Future Could Be Powered by Rhubarb

Building the perfect battery is a hard problem. Batteries either too inefficient or too expensive or too unstable to power the renewable gadgets of the future. But a team of Harvard scientists just built a new kind of battery with a molecule found in food, and it could solve these problems. Read More >>