Use Comment Hashtags to Sort Your Music in iTunes

Many of us might have switched over to streaming services without so much as a backwards glance, but iTunes still has some advantages going for it—not least of them smart playlists, and the ability to customise them as you see fit. Using the comment fields and your own choice of hashtags you can create personalised playlists for any kind of mood or occasion. Read More >>

This Spartan Organiser Defends Your Desk Against Clutter

Even though the majority of your work day is probably spent staring at a computer screen, somehow your desk gets cluttered faster than you can clean it. So following up on its Spartan-themed knife block, the talented and fully-digited woodworkers at Missing Digit Woodshop have created a desktop version that can now hold pens, pencils, styli, a letter opener, and even sticky notes. Read More >>

Watching These Ultra Fast Robots Arranging Batteries is Mesmerising

These industrial robots—by FANUC America Corporation—pick and arrange batteries at ultra-fast speed. Watching these two guys work is mesmerising. Pro tip: Mute the utterly boring voice over and play this instead. It works like magic. Read More >>

Livescribe Smartpen 3: Note Taking Magic in a Luxury Package

So you want to take hand-written notes but you don't want to transcribe them onto your computer? No problem. Livescribe's new Smartpen 3 is a magic note-taking tool that automatically translates your scratches and scrawls through an iPad or iPhone app. Read More >>