In World First, Woman Gives Birth After Receiving Uterus Transplant from Dead Donor

A team of doctors in Brazil have announced a medical first that could someday help countless women unable to have children because of a damaged or absent uterus. In a case report published Tuesday in the Lancet, they claim to have successfully helped a woman give birth using a transplanted uterus from a deceased donor. Read More >>

Scientists Make a Crazy Breakthrough in Cryopreserving Organs

Transplants aren’t as easy as heading to the organ bank and using your organ card to withdraw an organ from the organ ATM. It’s more like an economy where every time you needed gold, you had to wait for someone to donate or bequeath it to you. Today, the line for gold is almost 80,000 people long. Read More >>

Human-Pig Chimeras Suggest a Long Road to Organ Farming

Several dozen embryos sat in a lab that seemed straight out of a David Lynch film — part pig, part human. It’s just the first step in a strange journey that may one day lead to a new way to grow and harvest human organs. Read More >>

Ridiculous Rat-Grown Mouse Organ Transplant Cures Diabetic Mice

It’s a beautiful tale of graciousness and sacrifice. Hopeless, drug-addled mice, suddenly stricken with diabetes, are offered a cure at the mercy of their all-knowing scientist overlords. Their rat-tailed comrades miraculously grew functioning mouse pancreases and the higher power, blessed be, healed the mice with the bounty. Amen! Read More >>

Learning About Animal Genitalia Is Really Fascinating Stuff

Meet Patty Brennan, she has one of the most interesting jobs that anyone could possibly ever have because she’s an evolutionary biologist who studies the genital structures of sharks, birds, snakes, and more. Basically, she finds out how animals screw. And it’s much more complicated than you’d think, because of spiky hemipenises, corkscrew spiral penises, reinforced vaginas, and so much other good stuff. Read More >>

Your Appendix May Not Be as Useless as You Think

New research suggests that the appendix, long believed to be a throwback to our evolutionary past, may serve an important purpose by boosting immunity and acting as a “safe house” for helpful gut bacteria. Read More >>

Mad Scientists Create Human-Pig Hybrid for Organ Harvesting

Part-human, part-piggy creatures (not pictured) have reportedly been created by a bunch of mad scientists over at the University of California, Davis, leading to uproar and a mind-blowing glimpse into the potential future of medicine. Fortunately, they didn't take the full-on sexual approach apparently favoured by a certain world leader. Read More >>

This Heart-on-a-Chip Beats Like the Real Thing

Though it may not look at all like the muscle in your chest, this heart-on-a-chip can beat like the real thing. A blend of microfluidics and biological cells, the device will be used as a more efficient means of testing for drug toxicity. Read More >>

Hearts From the Dead Transplanted into Living Patients

Hearts from people that have been "dead" for up to 20 minutes have been used in transplant operations for the first time, with the resuscitated meat pumps replacing the need to keep organs alive throughout the operations. Read More >>

“Supercooling” Technique Keeps Transplant Organs Body-Fresh for Longer

A new method that infuses organs with nutrients then freezes them can extend the period in which they can survive outside of the body, potentially revolutionising the time-critical process of transplanting spare parts from one person to another. Read More >>

Doctors Can Now Grow Engineered Vaginas in Women

After decades of work, a team of doctors say they've successfully engineered vaginas that have been implanted and grown in women. The vaginas were grown in a lab from the female patients' own cells and later transferred to their bodies, where they formed into normal vaginas. The breakthrough bears some huge implications, too. Read More >>

Scientists Have Grown Tiny Human Brains in Test Tubes

For the very first time, scientists have managed to create tiny, embryonic brains in test tubes. Say hello to baby Frankenstein. Read More >>

Researchers Use Circuit Printer to Make Functional Heart Muscle

Growing replacement organs in a lab and transplanting them is science-fiction dream-turned-very-possible-reality, but so far it's been limited to simple tissues. Yesterday, MIT researchers published findings on their successful attempts to build functional heart tissue, using a modified machine originally meant to build integrated circuits. Read More >>

Hand-Painted Macaron Biscuits Resemble Colourful Cartoon Organ Meat

Handpainted by Miss Insomnia Tulip for this October's annual Eat Your Heart Out food fest, these offal-inspired vanilla-flavored macaron biscuits achieve just the right balance of anatomical correctness and playful artistic interpretation. Read More >>