Women Sometimes Fake Orgasms to End Coercive Sex

We joke about women faking orgasms both because it’s common and because public perception suggests they do it to stroke the egos of clueless boyfriends. New research suggests a much more upsetting reason for the deception: to end unwanted sex. Read More >>

The Terribly Sad Case of the Woman Who Has Fifty Orgasms a Day

24-year-old Amanda Gryce is having an orgasm in this photo. She has them uncontrollably, up to fifty times a day. It sounds fun, right? Actually, it's really awful. Even more awful is the fact that she can't have sex with her boyfriend, per doctor's orders. Read More >>

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The Science of Orgasms

A whistle-stop tour of the science of orgasms, from the physical phenomena to what happens deep inside your brain at the point of climax, all in cartoon form. You're welcome. [YouTube] Read More >>

Scientific Proof That Exercise Can Cause the Female Orgasm

While there's been anecdotal evidence floating around for a long time that exercise can help women achieve sexual satisfaction, a new study's gone and proved it; exercising the core abdominal muscles alone can bring females to orgasm. Read More >>