We Opened Up These Supercharged Gaming Laptops to See Their Upgradeable Guts

Laptops haven’t been really upgradable in a while. Sure you could switch out the storage or memory on some, but as laptops have gotten thinner and thinner, even those components have become permanently a part of the devices. So it was a big deal when Alienware showed off the new Area-51m at CES. Yes, it’s a 17.3-inch beast that starts at £2,200 and can go up to £3,800, but you can also upgrade the storage, memory, and even the CPU and GPU as time goes by. Read More >>

Life As We Know Could Have Come From Algae on Steroids

What was life really like here on planet Earth before animals were big enough to leave fossils behind? How did living things turn from dinky capsules of genetic material into the intelligent, complex organisms that do things like fart and type curse words into posts on the internet? Scientists think they’ve found the answer... in algae steroids. Read More >>

Titanfall is Free to Play for 48 Hours

Looking to counteract the hysteria around the Steam Summer Sale, EA is letting PC gamers on its Origin service play the amazing Titanfall for 48 hours, starting this weekend. [Origin] Read More >>

Stunning Promo Code Failure Gifts EA Games to Everyone

Gaming giant Electronic Arts handed out a discount promotional code as thanks for completing a survey. Which was very nice of it, but the code could be used more than once, and you didn't even have to complete the survey to use it. A literal gaming gold rush took place once the code hit the web. Read More >>

The Origin EON17-X May Be the Most Insane Laptop You Can Buy Right Now

I thought I'd given up being impressed by laptop specs. But then the Origin EON17-Z happened. Good God, you could probably run entire robot armies using this thing. Read More >>

Origin’s Insane New Gaming Laptops Are as Fast as They Are Pretty

Origin's been one of the craziest overclocking outfits around for a while now, but its laptops haven't been really, let's say, aesthetically pleasing. Its latest rigs got the Ricky Lake makeover treatment, though, but not at the cost of raw arsekicking power: they still clock in at a ridiculous 4.5GHz. Read More >>