New Observations Reveal a Dramatic Web Structure Inside the Orion Nebula

Perhaps the most recognisable constellation in the night sky is Orion the hunter. Look closely at the three bright orbs lined up below his belt—his sword. The middle one isn’t a star, but an entire nebula, and parts of it have been invisible to researchers until recently. Read More >>

Take a Trip Through the Glorious Orion Nebula in This New 3D Visualisation

Travelling at close to the speed of light, this three-minute journey will take you through a distant stellar nursery where some of the Universe’s youngest stars are born. Read More >>

This Is the Deepest View Yet Into the Orion Nebula

Astronomers working with the Very Large Telescope in Chile have captured the deepest view yet of the heart of the Orion Nebula. Wow. Read More >>

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Tour the Orion Nebula in This Gorgeous Image

The Orion Nebula has taught astronomers a great deal about how stars are born and how planetary systems form. Read More >>