Apple Still Hasn’t Patched a Zero-Day Vulnerability in OS X

It seems like you can't go more than a couple of days before a new serious flaw is discovered in major software, but it only really becomes a problem if the powers that be don't fix it. So far, that seems to be the case with a zero-day vulnerability that affects OS X Mavericks and Yosemite. Read More >>

Why Your Old Mac Can’t Use Handoff in OS X Yosemite

One of the coolest features of OS X Yosemite is Handoff, which allows you to transition your app session on an iOS device to a Mac and vice versa. Unfortunately, Handoff isn't going to work with every Mac. Read More >>

OS X Yosemite Dock Icons, Ranked

Apple just released OS X Yosemite. It looks pretty nice. The typeface is new. The menus are frosty. The new "Dark Mode" is dashing. And, best of all, the icons are fresh and delightful. Well, most of them are. Read More >>

Go Download OS X Yosemite Right Now

A few hours after announcing that it would soon be available, Apple has finally released OS X Yosemite to the public. Download it here right now. Read More >>

To be Fair, Apple Could’ve Picked a Worse Font Than Helvetica Neue…

Earlier this week, Apple revealed that its new version of OS X would use a new font. Some didn't think this was the best idea. Though Helvetica Neue might not be so readable on smaller displays, Apple could have picked worse... Read More >>

OS X Yosemite Hints at Retina iMacs

Apple's brand-spanking-new OS X Yosemite seems to point to a future where iMacs are equipped with Retina displays. As MacRumors discovered via a French developer forum, the preview version of OS X Yosemite includes display settings that correlate to a 27" Retina display. Desktop users, prepare for a crystal clear display. Read More >>

Here’s a List of Macs Compatible With OS X Yosemite

Monday's announcement of OS X Yosemite unveiled some pretty cool new features coming to your Mac. But will your computer be able to run the new OS? Read More >>

Designers Explain Why Apple’s New OS X Typeface is a Strange Choice

It was one of the more subtle changes showcased during yesterday's WWDC keynote: Apple finally ditched its OS typeface Lucida Grande to use Helvetica Neue across the board. Now, at least the OS and iOS systems match. But is Helvetica—which is basically unreadable at small sizes—really a better choice? Read More >>