Google Says Mysterious Wave of Unbootable Macs is Their Bad

A serious flaw in Google Keystone, which controls Chrome updates, is capable of doing major damage to macOS file systems on some computers and has been linked to data corruption that struck Hollywood video editors and others on Monday evening, Variety reported. Read More >>

Don’t Get Nostalgic for This 20th Anniversary: Apple’s iMac G3 Was an Awful Computer

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the iMac G3, the original iMac that was designed by Jony Ive and was one of the first computers released by Steve Jobs after he rejoined Apple in 1997. It launched on 15th August 1998. Read More >>

How to Easily Encrypt Files On Mac

Encryption is good for protecting sensitive data you don’t want anyone else to see. If some bad guy nabs your laptop while you’re out at a coffee shop or bar, you can rest assured knowing that the data is encrypted. The process of encrypting files is easy, and I’ll to show you step-by-step how to do it. Read More >>

Java Now Dumps Adware on to Macs, Too

There are a lot of reason not to use Java – but here's one more to add to the list. The latest release of Oracle's ubiquitous software now also dumps a load of crapware on to your Mac. Read More >>

The Worst Bugs in OS X Yosemite and How to Fix Them

There's a lot to like about OS X Yosemite, Apple's brand-new, super-powerful operating system of the future, but a quick glance around the software's official support forums shows that not all users are having a trouble-free experience. If you're struggling with strange bugs and quirks in Yosemite then these are the fixes you can try. Read More >>

How to Get Handoff to Actually Work in OS X Yosemite

If you're anything like me, you were really excited to try out the new Handoff feature in OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. And you were equally disappointed when you updated all of your software, and the thing didn't work. Fear not, fellow computer user! With Apple's help, I managed to get Handoff working, and you can too. Read More >>

OS X Yosemite Preview: All the New Features for Your Mac

The brand new OS X Yosemite is perhaps the most dramatic redesign of Apple's operating system to date. Tomorrow, Apple's launching a public beta (Sign up now!) of its forthcoming desktop OS. Here's what you can expect to see. Read More >>

A Few WWDC Takeaways That Didn’t Fit Anywhere Else

There's a lot to unpack from Apple's WWDC keynote yesterday, and we've been doing plenty of that already. But instead of trying to force a few thousand more words on you about what it all means, it seems more humane to just talk out a few of the bits and pieces that have stuck with us so far. Read More >>

Apple is Having a Patch Party — OS X, iTunes and Podcasts all Updated

New versions of OS X, iTunes and Apple's Podcasts tool have gone live today, with Apple's in-house software geniuses shoving out fresh updates for its core products. Read More >>

The OS X Apps Affected by Apple’s Unpatched Security Flaw

While Apple recently patched a major security flaw for iOS, the same vulnerability continues to affect OS X. Until Apple releases a fix—which it says will come "very soon"—here are some of the apps you should avoid using on public Wi-Fi. Read More >>

Why Apple’s Huge Security Flaw is So Scary

On Friday, Apple quietly released iOS 7.0.6, explaining in a brief release note that it fixed a bug in which "an attacker with a privileged network position may capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS." That's the understated version. Another way to put it? Update your iPhone right now. Read More >>

Instant Crash Code
This Code Will Nuke Pretty Much Any App on a Mountain Lion-Running Mac

Here's something a little weird and potentially hilariously fun -- there's a little eight-character code that causes pretty much any app on a Mac to crash, instantly. Writing said code, which we had to put in an image using a Windows machine, will cause your app to crash, losing anything open. Read More >>

Is Apple Looking to Morph Bookshelves Into Launchpad?

Another day, another patent: according to this one, Apple wants to incorporate a book-case (which you might just recognise from iBooks) into OS X's app launcher. Is this another sign that Apple's slowly drawing its operating systems together, or just the latest in a long, long line of patents out of Cupertino? Read More >>

This Is the New Touchscreen MacBook Pro Tablet

After the teasers yesterday, Modbook has officially busted out its new touchscreen MacBook Pro, and it's a looker. The Modbook Pro will be available in the autumn, complete with a brand new "ForceGlass" screen that apparently feels like paper. Read More >>

Apple Softens Its Virus Immunity Claims

Apple's quietly changed the wording on its site regarding OSX's virus protection a tad. Looks like Apple's hand was forced by the embarrassing Flashback botnet attack last month and its tardy response. Macs aren't quite as invulnerable as Apple used to boast. Read More >>