Here Are 911 Transcripts of Some of the Times Apple Employees Walked Directly Into Glass Walls

Last month, reports emerged that Apple’s new spaceship campus in Cupertino, California—which hosts roughly 13,000 employees behind around 3,000 giant panes of glass—had resulted in the company’s employees repeatedly injuring themselves by walking straight into the semi-visible walls. Read More >>

Famous Meteorite That Nailed a Person Has Finally Been Sold

The only thing worse than getting struck by lightning or a large, flying bird is getting struck by a meteorite. Thankfully, the changes of this happening to you are incredibly low—according to National Geographic, there is only one confirmed case of a meteorite striking a person. So perhaps it’s no surprise that the offending space rock, called “Sylacauga,” just sold today for one hell of a price tag. Read More >>

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Dude Getting Hit in the Balls With Guillotined Spray Paint Is Strangely Poignant

Watching an unsuspecting victim get nailed in the nuts by a paint chopped in half by a guillotine is everything you could possibly want in a YouTube video — dramatics, destruction, pain, humour born out of sadness, the element of surprise. Read More >>

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Customised E-Cigarette Explodes in Man’s Trousers, Again

iUsing e-cigarettes is a great way to stop smoking. But lately the futuristic products have become a different kind of health hazard. Yesterday, a man at Grand Central Terminal in New York suffered burns after an e-cigarette exploded in his trousers. The security video of the incident is remarkably similar to an e-cigarette explosion caught on tape earlier this month. Read More >>

YouTube is Helping Doctors Study the Science of Faceplanting

When YouTube arrived at the beginning of this millennium, viral videos were not so different from what had long entertained us on You've Been Framed: adorable pets, funny kids, and painful accidents. And so we have faceplant gifs and faceplant supercuts and now, a scientific journal article based on a faceplant video on YouTube. Read More >>

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Watch This Poor Guy Lose a Grand’s Worth of Kit in Icy Waters

Drones: The future humans won't have to do some very dangerous things. That includes not piloting vehicles for crazy aerial photography. And this video proves that we're better off letting the drones do the dirty for us. About four minutes in, the UAV takes a dive into the drink. Brr. Read More >>

This Horrendous Story Is Why I Don’t Do Online Dating

Y'know when your parents tell you to be careful of what you're doing on the Internet -- don't go meeting strangers, don't give your phone number away, no personal details -- that kinda thing; I took their advice with a pinch of salt, and only never did that online dating thing. And I was right to be cautious about that, unlike this other fella who had quite the hard time when he went to meet his online date. Read More >>

Watch a TV Reporter Walk Face-First Into a Sign-Post Live On Air

There's nothing quite as funny as watching people hurt themselves. Not seriously of course; that'd just be creepy. But there's something hilarious about people walking or crashing into things, especially when it's live on air. Ouch. Read More >>

These Wipeouts Scare Me More Than Sharks

The chances of me getting eaten by a shark while surfing are slim. The chances of me getting pounded by a wave while surfing, that happens all the time. Fortunately I've never had a wipeout as bad as the guys in this video. Read More >>