Slack Goes Wonky, Gives Millions the Day Off

If you woke up Friday morning, logged into Slack, only to find it a hellhole of bugs – it’s not just you. Users all over the world have been reporting outages, repeating messages, and errors with the popular workplace communication tool. Read More >>

Japanese High-Speed Rail Line Was Brought to Standstill by Tiny Slug That Fried on Power Cable

Japanese rail company JR Kitakyushu says that one small slug was responsible for a power outage and subsequent delays for an estimated 12,000 commuters on a high-speed rail line in Kyushu on May 30, CNN reported on Monday. Read More >>

Amazon Just Broke the Internet

A little after 6pm on Tuesday, countless websites and web services ground to a halt following a reported widespread outage of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Everything from Slack to Quora to Gizmodo US saw major disruptions. Before Down Detector itself went down, the site showed outages on the tier 1 network Level 3 in most major population centers in the United States. Read More >>

Looks Like Facebook Is Broken Right Now

Monday morning got off to a rough start for Facebook, where users reported widespread difficulty updating their status. The extent of the outage is so far unclear, but if Twitter whining is any indication, it's affecting just about everybody, including us. [Twitter] Read More >>

Google Apologises for 2.6 Second Gmail Delays

Google's issued an apology and humble explanation for the tech issues that dogged Gmail for some yesterday, which varied in impact from triggering the odd error message to causing a small percentage of emails to take as long as two hours to get through. Read More >>

Syria Dropped Off the Face of the Internet Again

Last week, Syria completely disappeared from the Internet, and not for the first time either. Since then, it poked its head back out into cyberspace, but not for long; Google's Transparency Report is showing that it's gone again. Read More >>

The Pirate Bay Is Down Across the Globe (Updated: Panic’s Over)

If you sketchily poked on over to The Pirate Bay to do a little downloading of legal, quasi-legal, or outright illegal downloading recently, you may have noticed you can't get through. No, your ISP hasn't started blocking it; it's down for everyone, everywhere. Proxies too. Read More >>

Apple’s Just an Ordinary Company Now, Like Any Other

There used to be a time when Apple didn't make mistakes. When pretty much everything it put out was glitch-free. Not necessarily perfect, of course, but outages, serious bugs, and simple errors weren't anywhere to be seen. Recently, we've had bugs, we've had issues, we've had errors, and we've even gotten an iCloud status board. And as a result, Apple appears to be accepting that it is just an ordinary company now, like any other. Read More >>

O2 Gives Ericsson the Boot and Pledges £10 Million to Fix Reoccurring Network Issues

Apparently all the trouble that O2's been having recently with network outages, with the last issue raising its ugly head just last week, have been down to Ericsson. Its recently installed Ericsson-provided Centralised User Database keeps cocking up, and it'll take £10 million to replace. Read More >>

BlackBerry Network Collapses Again — Vodafone Users Cut Off This Morning

RIM's been suffering from another rather large technical issue this morning, which has seen all connected services completely broken for those using their BBs on the Vodafone network. Read More >>

Apple Says iCloud Isn’t Broken For Anybody Anymore

Recently some iClouders have been having trouble with the service's email. The downtime made a bit of a mess for the roughly two million users it affected, but now Apple has apologised, and assured everyone that all the screwed up emails have made it through now. Read More >>

Virgin Media Suffered Three-Hour “National Outage” Last Night

Virgin Media has issued an apology about last night. The company's broadband service suffered a three-hour period of downtime yesterday evening, which effected users across the country. Read More >>

Royal Mail Website Buggered and it’s Not Even Christmas Yet

Royal Mail's online Price Finder tool is suffering "technical difficulties", which doesn't exactly bode well for the Christmas onslaught that's headed its way. The Price Finder helps you work out postage costs, which invariably work out more costly than you think they should, because your package happens to be just a tiny bit too big. Read More >>

Dubai Police: BBM Outage Made Roads “Safer”

Police in the sweltering state of Dubai recorded cheerily low numbers of traffic accidents last week -- and are saying it's all down to the BlackBerry service crash. Read More >>

RIM Offers Free Apps & Games to Appease Users Over BBM Outages

BlackBerry maker RIM has announced it's giving away a stack of apps and games to its users over the next few months, as a combined apology and peace-offering to those who suffered during last week's "BlackBerry Jam" network failures. Read More >>