6,000 Used CDs Never Looked So Pretty

One person's rubbish is another visionary person's community art project. In this clever and beautiful repurposing of old CDs, Ignatov Architects created Mirror Culture, a shimmery entrance to the public park in Varna, Bulgaria. Read More >>

This Pretty, Portable Fireplace Looks Fit to Burn Rocket Fuel

Sure, it's easy to whip yourself up a old-school backyard fire-pit with a ring of rocks and whole lot of ugly. But wouldn't you rather have a portable, modular fireplace that looks ready to blast off to the stars? Who wouldn't? Read More >>

This Is the Dream Home Office I Wish I Had

Don't you wish your office cubicle was like this? A nice wooden desk and a comfortable chair in a peaceful, fresh garden, just a few steps away from your kitchen and bedroom. I can imagine working there, sipping some lemonade on a perfect spring day, going to the big chair by the fountain to read something or have a cat nap from time to time. Read More >>

How Fleece Conquered the World

There was a time in the late 1990s when fleece suddenly became ubiquitous in my life. I blame Old Navy. Their boldly-hued, fuzzy pullovers dominated every commercial break during the holidays and clothed everyone in my high school. Read More >>