CES 2019: The North Face’s New Breathable, Waterproof Fabric Might Be the Holy Grail of Outdoor Gear

Preparing to head into the great outdoors has always always been a delicate balancing act. You want to bring enough gear to be prepared for any weather, without overpacking and creating a heavy pack. With its new Futurelight material, The North Face believes it has created the ultimate fabric for outdoor adventures: one that’s versatile enough to keep the wearer completely dry, while also keeping them cool and comfortable. Read More >>

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The Best Gifts for the Outdoors Type

The way the internet works at the moment seems to be that we write things based on precognition concepts of what you might be thinking, or are perhaps about to think and look for online. Therefore, here are some ideas for Christmas presents for anyone searching the internet for gifts for people whose personality is "I Go Outside Often Even If The Forecast Isn't Great." Read More >>

Can’t Find Two Trees to String Up Your Hammock? Just Use Your Car

What’s the point of going camping if at some point you don’t get to lazily lounge around in a hammock? It’s an essential part of escaping to the great outdoors. But what if you can’t find two suitable trees to hang your hammock? As long as you brought your car along, you’ve got a backup. Read More >>

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What Hiking from Mexico to Canada Does to Your Shoes

Hiking from Mexico, through the United States, and all the way up to Canada on the Pacific Coast Trail is just a little bit beyond a stroll in the park. Read More >>

Maximise a Lazy Summer Afternoon With This Absurd Raft Full of Hammocks

There’s no better way to while away the hours on a hot summer afternoon than by being on the water. But canoeing? Kayaking? Paddle-boarding? All far too much effort. What you need is a raft full of hammocks to maximise your lounging efficiency, and that’s exactly what the Hammocraft provides. Read More >>

A Hammock With LED Lighting and Inflatable Mattress Sounds Like a Hanging Hotel Room

Say what you will about how comfortable a hammock is for sleeping, Eagles Nest Outfitters is working to make them just a bit more hospitable with its new DoubleNest LED that incorporates a string of glowing lights so you can read, adjust your sleeping bag, or easily find your way back after a bathroom break. Read More >>

Finally, a Mountain Hut That Looks OK

Mountain huts, used by climbers to break up ascents into multi-day trips, are utilitarian in the extreme — everything has to either be flown up by helicopter, or carried over unfriendly terrain on someone’s back. Read More >>

This 3D-Printed Lure Mimics Fish Sounds To Attract Your Next Catch

You don’t need much to catch a fish—just a line, a lure, and some patience. But if you want to get fancy, there are gadgets like the Fish Call, a throwable electronic lure that attracts aquatic critters by mimicking the sounds of fish feeding. Read More >>

This is How to Find the Spiders That are Staring at You in the Dark

Have you ever looked out into your backyard at night and wondered how many spiders are lurking out there? If you have a torch, you can spot them by the creepy green glow of their eyes. Read More >>

Mass Recall of Avalanche-Rescuing Airbags, Thanks to Static Electricity

Avalanches make back-country skiing one of the most dangerous ways to get your selfies, something that Black Diamond’s Jetforce airbags promised to change cheaply and simply with an innovative design that got rave reviews. But unfortunately, the designers forgot one tiny detail, which has led Black Diamond to issue a recall. Read More >>

This Sturdy Drone Takes Aerial Shots of Your Outdoor Conquests

There’s nothing like gazing upon mountain ranges or looking out into a sun-kissed desert to remind you that nature is beautiful — or that you’re a puny speck of carbon aimlessly drifting through the universe. Now, there’s a Kickstarted drone specially designed to help capture those landscapes. Read More >>

BioLite’s New Lanterns are a Tiny Powergrid for Your Campsite 

The ingenious twig-burning folks at BioLite have done it again. Their latest, the NanoGrid, is a combo battery pack and lighting system for the outdoors. Now you can charge your gadgets and light up your campsite with the power of a single wood stove. Read More >>

BioLite KettleCharge: Charge Your iPad With Boiling Hot Water

BioLite's line of twig-burning, gadget-powering stoves has already cemented the brand as every wilderness geek's best friend. But now, the brilliant minds behind the CampStove are giving you off-grid power and potable water, both indoors and out. Say hello to the KettleCharge. Read More >>

A Plan to Turn Your Multi-Storey Car Park Into Your Local Playground

Multi-storey car parks may be a necessity for any dense urban centre, but that doesn't mean they have to be a necessary eyesore. And if Danish firm JAJA Architects has its way, they could even be serving a dual-purpose soon—by doubling as our leafy, local playgrounds. Read More >>