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R2-D2 Can Get You Out of Yet Another Hot Mess

Who knew that a rolling, beeping rubbish would one day be one of the greatest marketing tools man has ever known? There are more products based on R2-D2 that galaxies far, far away, and now that he’s an oven mitt, the plucky little droid can help you get out of yet another hot mess. Read More >>

This is the Power Glove Oven Mitt You Want to Buy

About a year ago we brought news of a Power Glove themed oven mitt that made anyone who grew up playing the NES excited to do some baking. But that version was made of heatproof fabric and while it looked convincing enough, it can't hold a candle—or a hot tray of cookies—to this amazingly detailed silicone Power Glove oven mitt. Read More >>