I Probably Shouldn’t Spend £16,000 on This Moon Landing Homage Pen, Right?

Watchmaker MB&F isn’t as well-known as Rolex or Timex, but that’s because the company’s unique creations — like a TIE Fighter-shaped music box that plays the Star Wars theme — are made for die-hard collectors. Its latest creation is a rocket-shaped pen inspired by the moon landing, and I’m desperately trying to justify its £16,000 price tag. Read More >>

Here’s the Ultimate Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Blu-ray Set You’ve Been Waiting For

Pretty much ever since the Hobbit films were announced, fans have clamoured for an ultimate box set that gathered the (then-future) extended editions of those films with the extended Lord of the Rings cuts in a single box set. Well, you’ll soon be able to — and it’s pretty spectacular. Read More >>

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Crushing 17 LCD Screens With a Steamroller Looks Satisfying as Hell 

Work can be frustrating. Sometimes you just want to line up every computer screen in the office and run them all over with a 12-tonne steamroller. Hey, YouTube channel Road Roller has already done the hard work for you and watching it is just as satisfying. Read More >>

Even Tiny Flats Have Room For This Collapsable Sauna

Living in a tiny urban flat means you have to learn to live without certain amenities. Thanks to a German company called Klafs, a sauna doesn’t have to be one of them. Its new Sauna S1 folds away like a telescoping camera lens, so it’s no bigger than a bookshelf when not in use. Read More >>

How to Turn a Supply Vessel Into a £42 Million Luxury Yacht

Most million-pound luxury yachts just look like giant versions of the cabin cruisers you can find at a local marina. The Kilkea, however, is based on a supply vessel platform, so it has a unique industrial look to it. But with an estimated price tag of £42 million, it promises to be far more luxurious than a freighter. Read More >>

The Next Obscenely Monstrous Cruise Ship Will Have an Entire Race Track On It

The arms race that is mega cruise ship design ticks one minute closer to midnight on the doomsday clock of obscenity as Norwegian Cruise Lines has revealed its next luxury ship will include the world’s first two-level floating race track. Read More >>

Bloodhound Puts Brakes on Land Speed Record Attempt Until 2017

For a vehicle that can potentially travel at 1,000mph, you'd think any road would seem short. But it's been a long, hard one for the Bloodhound team, who being forced to postpone this year's land speed record attempt until 2017. Read More >>

£20k Gaming PC to End All Gaming PCs Has Seven Graphics Cards and Eight SSDs

I've seen some pretty special gaming PC set ups in my time, but this? This? Words can't even begin to do justice to the insanity of the LinusTechTips monster rig. Read More >>

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Pretend LG’s 98-Inch 8K Super UHD TV Doesn’t Exist if You Ever Want to be Content With Your Telly

There's something a bit sickening about the timing of the CES trade show. One of, if not the biggest TV tech showcase in the world, it comes right after the busiest TV buying period of the year, Christmas. So if you were saving the pennies before buying that big flagship 4K TV for the yuletide break, you might want to look away now – LG's monstrous new set will only bring you pain. Read More >>

Why Spend a Few Quid on Bridge Tolls When You Can Burn Thousands on a Car Barge?

The next time your trip from point A to point B involves a river crossing, just toss one of these inflatable car ferries in your trunk and save yourself a few quid and open up a world of potential waterway-faring peril. Read More >>

Star Wars: Battlefront With the Toddyhancer Mod Looks EXACTLY Like the Films

It's done. It's over. We've won. Games officially look like real-life now. Or, at least, modded games running on a high-end gaming PC do. Read More >>

I Listened to Sennheiser’s Absurd £36,000 Orpheus Headphones

I’m one of the first people in the world to listen to Sennheiser’s new $55,000 Orpheus headphone system. That price, when converted directly into the Queen's own pocket change, is close to £36,000, and is likely to be closer still to £40,000, should they ever make their way to the UK. Yep, these are some pricey cans. Read More >>

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How Does Half a Metre of Bullet-Proof Glass Stand Up to an RPG?

Can 45 layers of bulletproof glass (that's nearly half a metre of material) survive against a RPG-7 rocket launcher? Read More >>

This Dual Cannon Machine Gun That Shoots Fireworks Looks Like a Blast

You probably thought you had a nice summer. Maybe you got a little bit of colour, maybe you sunk your toes into some sand, maybe you had a drink with an umbrella in it. But no, your summer was not that fun. Because when you see this crazy guy shoot Roman Candle fireworks with dual machine guns, nothing can be as fun as that. Read More >>

A Swimming Pool Bridge Lets Rich Londoners Flaunt it Over the Street Plebs

Has anyone ever looked at the housing market in London? To say it's expensive is, quite often, an understatement, but even the pokiest broom cupboard is nothing compared to the luxurious flats that are popping up all over the place. The latest development takes it one step further by adding a swimming pool 'bridge' to the top of its two buildings. Read More >>