A New Accessory Makes the MacBook Pro Actually Suitable For Pros

One of the biggest professional gripes about the new MacBook Pro—dongle issues aside—is its lack of upgradability. Apple made the decision to solder the storage onto the logic board (just as it does the RAM), making it impossible for users to upgrade past the capacity they choose at time of purchase. Read More >>

You Can Upgrade a Macbook Faster Than You Can Boil an Egg

There’s one big drawback to Apple’s thin, svelte laptop: once you pull the trigger on a Macbook, you’re generally stuck with the specs for life. So when a company claims to offer an idiot-proof SSD upgrade, it’s worth checking out. Read More >>

There’s Finally a Way to Upgrade Macbook Storage

When I bought my Macbook Pro a year ago, I was feeling so internally guilty about spending over a grand on a laptop that I only paid for 128GB of storage, a decision I’ve regretted about three times per day ever since. This solution isn’t cheap, but at least it will stop me whining. Read More >>

A Giant USB-C Dock Gives the New MacBook Every Port it Needs

Frustrated with your fancy new MacBook’s single USB-C port? A company called OWC wants to be your laptop’s knight in shiny, connected armour with a brand new USB-C dock that turns its lone port into 11 additional connections so you can have all of your hardware and accessories plugged in at the same time. Read More >>