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Watch How Dead Silent an Owl Flies Compared to Other Birds

When a pigeon flies, you can hear it sloppily slap its wings as it makes its way through the air. When a peregrine falcon flies, the flight is powerful and beautiful but you can still hear the movement. When a barn owl flies? Complete silence. It’s amazing to see. BBC Earth set up microphones along the flight path of the birds to let us hear the difference. Read More >>

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Watch This Adorable Baby Barn Owl Learn To Fly

The BBC recently released a documentary called Super Powered Owls, which looks at how owls fly. Part of the programme includes the story of Luna and Lily, two young Barns owls who are learning to fly for the first time. Read More >>

A Traffic Camera Captured This Gorgeous Shot of a Snowy Owl in Flight

Traffic cameras aren’t really known for taking particularly interesting images of the local wildlife (or anything interesting for that matter), but as this jaw-dropping photo attests, sometimes the nature comes to you. Read More >>

“Owl Bar” Lets Londoners See Something That Isn’t Their Phone Screen

A new "pop up" bar is coming to London next month, promising to let people who live in the city widen their horizons by looking at some wildlife. Several real owls will be paraded before them as they drink cocktails, like some sort of Victorian freak show. Read More >>

Seen a Load of Owls Flying About Recently? It’s All Harry Potter’s Fault

Apparently Britain is positively overflowing with owls that have been turfed out of their homes. Potter fans that fell in love with the wizard's mail-delivering pet owl, Hedwig, all went out and bought one. Now that Potter's all done and dusted the poor owls are getting dumped too. Read More >>