Oxford Street HMV Is Closing After 96 Years

After the sad closure of the enormous HMV at 150 Oxford Street in 2013, the iconic brand moved back to its original digs further up the road with a retro-styled His Master's Voice branch. Now, that branch is also to close, Retail Gazette reports. Read More >>

Salvaged HMV Returns to Old Oxford Street Stomping Ground

The long-running saga of the death and return of HMV entered a new chapter this weekend, with a new physical branch of the troubled music chain opening up for business on London's Oxford Street. Read More >>

New UK Street Advert Uses a Camera To Discriminate Against Men (Updated)

A fancy new interactive advert built into a bus shelter on London’s Oxford Street only plays its 40-second reel to women. The display uses a built-in camera to analyse the facial features of passersby with a 90 per cent accuracy, spitting out a Plan UK advert only to the fairer sex. Read More >>