Oxford University Bars Donations From Huawei

Remember the feeling on the primary school playground when one of the popular kids decided you were persona non grata, and it felt like suddenly no one would be your friend ever again? Read More >>

Watch Shia LaBeouf Talking Shit in a University of Oxford Lift LIVE

It’s got nothing on ‘Touch My Soul’, but Shia LaBeouf’s latest project involves him standing in a University of Oxford lift with two of his mind-numbingly pretentious creative mates in the name of ART. He’s been there since 9am this morning, and there he will remain for 24 hours (though he’ll leave at some point this evening to give a talk and have sex and do a poo). Read More >>

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Oxford University Has Put All Sorts of Christmassy Items Under the Microscope

This year's Oxford University season's greetings explores different Christmas items through the lens of a microscope. From the hard fur of a reindeer to the iconic Santa's wool cap. Unsurprisingly, everything looks gorgeous under the microscope. Christmas too. Read More >>

Student Facilitates More Efficient Drinking Using Raspberry Pi, Leaving Nobody Surprised

When the beer manager at Oxford University's Wolfson college decided that patrons weren't getting their beers fast enough in the college bar, he programmed a Raspberry Pi to run things more smoothly. Typical student. Read More >>

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After You Croak, the OrganOx Will Keep Your Liver Fresh for the Next Guy (NSFW)

Liver transplantation has become a victim of its own success with far more recipients registered to waiting lists — roughly 30,000 in the US and Europe — than there are available donor organs. What's more, a staggering 2,000 viable livers must be discarded annually because they didn't survive the journey from donor to recipient. However, this new organ transporter will keep livers warm, oxygenated, and active during its trip, potentially saving thousands of lives yearly. Read More >>

The British are Coming and the Car’s Driving Itself

The self-driving car trend would appear to be owned by the global car giants and the infinitely deep pockets of Google, but there's a new UK upstart on the scene that automates boring, regular trips by learning the route of your tedious commute and taking control. And might be able to do it all for £100. Read More >>

An English Breakfast Will Go Straight To Your Hips in Three Hours or Less

Fancy a full English breakfast? Think again, as the fat content will pretty much go straight to your tummy in no time at all. Read More >>

Oxford University: We’ve Been Overwhelmed By Mac Malware

Looks like all that Mac malware that's been taking the internet by storm is causing serious havoc for administrators. Network security staff from Oxford University have been "somewhat overwhelmed" by the Flashback Trojan on a "windows scale", plus they reckon Apple's "making minimal effort" to help them out. The bad news as there's even more Mac malware in the wild too. Read More >>