Oxford Wants To Ban All Petrol And Diesel Vehicles By 2020

Bad news if you like burning oil to make your car move, as Oxford City Council is launching a consultation on banning petrol and diesel vehicles entirely from the city centre, as early as 2020. Read More >>

‘Historic’ New Oxford-London Commuter Conveyor Belt Opens, Also Linking Marylebone and Bicester Village

A railway line that's apparently the first to join two major cities together in over 100 years has opened today, with the people of Oxford now having a new way to get to London via the medium of trains. Read More >>

Oxford’s Library Chooses Its First New Chair Design Since 1936

Oxford's Bodleian library—aka the Bod—is one of England's largest libraries, a 414-year-old research hub steeped in tradition and history. For example, only three types of chair have ever been used within its walls. Until now, that is: According to Co.Design, the library has chosen a fourth design to replace its older models. Read More >>

Britain Takes One Massive Step Forward to a Driverless-Car Future

I can hardly believe what I'm reading, but it seems British legislators are actually keeping up with technology for once. By the end of 2013, autonomous cars will be allowed to be tested on UK public roads, not just private test tracks. The future may not be as far away as we once thought. Read More >>

Now This is What I Call a Skeleton in the Closet

We all know that those hallowed centres of learning, Oxford and Cambridge, have some serious history. But some of it's a bit grim -- specifically, this human human skeleton, found by builders creepily close to an Oxford college, right next to a spent bullet casing. Suspicious. Read More >>

Where the World’s Tweets Come From, Visualised

If you've ever wondered where all the world's tweets come from, wonder no more. This visualisation, put together by researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute, shows the origins of the entire globe's tweets. Read More >>

Oxford University Is Hunting For the Yeti

While most of us probably suspect that the yeti is a mythical beast, the finest minds in the world beg to differ. Which is why Oxford University has just announced that it's going on a yeti hunt, to establish once and for all whether the creature has ever existed. Read More >>

Real-Time World War II Is the Best Thing to Ever Come Out of Twitter

A 24-year-old Oxford history graduate is doing something wonderful for all of you right now: narrating World War II on Twitter, in real time. It may not be as academic as a John Keegan book, but so far it's excellent. Read More >>

The Future of Renewable Energy is a Miniature Sun, and It’s Hidden in Southern England

Oil and gas might be running out, but renewable power sucks so much it counts for less than 10 per cent of all the energy we use. The answer? Recreate the sun using nuclear fusion, in a sleepy corner of the UK. Read More >>