7 Ways OnePlus and OxygenOS Beat Google’s Stock Android

OnePlus phones just keep getting better and better, but what’s not often talked about very much is the software that comes pre-installed on board. It’s Android, but it’s OnePlus’ own brand of Android called OxygenOS and it’s getting very close to beating Google at its own game. Read More >>

Forum Post Offers New Hints About OnePlus 6T Software

OnePlus is keeping the 6T hype train fully fuelled: a new post on the tech brand's forums gives us a lot of new information about the UI of the new phone. Read More >>

OnePlus 2 Hands-On: So Good, it Makes Me Want to Go Off-Contract

One year ago, the OnePlus One became the best off-contract smartphone you could buy. An unheard of Chinese company managed to deliver a high-quality Android handset for a crazy-low £229 price. Now, it looks like that awesomeness wasn’t a fluke. Behold: the OnePlus 2. Read More >>