Citymapper’s Oyster Card Rival Has Opened to Early Adopters

The Citymapper Pass we reported on last week has opened up to early signups this morning, and it's an interesting proposition. Read More >>

facial recognition
London Tech Trial Will 3D Scan Passengers To See If They’ve Touched In

Updated 27/11: a previous version of this article incorrectly stated that facial recognition would be trialled in London. This is not the case. The article has now been updated to restore accuracy. Read More >>

Oyster Card App Gets Top-Ups on Quicker

London's old contactless Oyster card technology has had its back ends tidied up, with a number of changes making it easier and faster to buy and add tickets to the system. Read More >>

More Non-London Buses Going Ticketless from 2015

A consortium of the big bus franchise holders is looking to launch a national ticketless payment system, with the Oyster-for-buses Swift cards set to launch on more routes in 2015. Buses operated by Stagecoach, First, Arriva, Go Ahead and National Express will take part, enhancing the UK's current patchwork approach to cashless ticketing. [BBC] Read More >>

Oyster Cards Not Getting the Boot, Says TfL

The introduction of contactless payments across London's travel network does not mean the city is preparing to bin the trusty old Oyster system, according to Transport for London. Read More >>

TfL Has 10 Arty Oyster Card Holders to Help Celebrate Year of the Bus

Transport for London and the London Transport Museum are celebrating Year of the Bus right now, with one of the many party-fuelling events being the creation of another batch of artisan Oyster card holders for the self-aware, fashionable traveller. Read More >>

If TFL’s London Tube Fares Followed Inflation Rather Than Greed, This Is What We’d Be Paying…

It's January 2nd, and for lucky rail commuters across the country, that means our annual dose of fare hikes. Yippee! Take a close look at the numbers, though, and it's clear that we're getting totally, utterly, unashamedly ripped off. Read More >>

NFC is Here for London’s Buses

Oyster-haters, rise up: your time is here. As of RIGHT NOW, you can pay for your bus travel (within London) using a NFC card or smartphone of your choosing. I can barely contain myself. Read More >>