If Grandma Has a Pacemaker, Please Take Her in For a Firmware Update

The Food and Drug Administration announced this week that 465,000 pacemakers installed in the US have a security vulnerability that could be exploited to make the device operate too quickly or deplete its batteries, and these devices need firmware updates to keep them from getting hacked. Read More >>

This Pacemaker is Made by Injecting a Virus Right Into a Pig’s Heart

Pacemakers are—even at their tiniest—intrusive bits of metal wired into the heart. But now scientists have come up with something completely different: a "biological pacemaker" in a pig made by reprogramming the heart's own cells with a modified virus carrying a specific gene. Read More >>

This Amazing Flexible Heart Cover Could Replace Pacemakers for Good

This amazing 3D piece of silicone dotted with electronics looks like something out of the future—because it is. In fact, this potential pacemaker replacement fits over the human heart and is capable of monitoring and, soon, responding to, its vital signs. Read More >>

Your iPad Smart Cover Could Switch Off a Pacemaker

The little magnets sure make the iPad's Smart Covers useful — but they could switch off pacemakers, too, if a new series of experiments is anything to go by. Read More >>

The Amazing Story About a Woman Who Needed to Be Upside Down to Stay Alive

Discover Magazine has an amazing story about how a woman needed to be carried upside down in order to stay alive. It sounds crazy but it's real. The reason she had to be held upside down was because her pacemaker had become disconnected from her heart and holding her upside down led the pacemaker to be reconnected. Read More >>

Wilson Greatbatch, The Man Who Accidentally Invented The Pacemaker, Has Died

Wilson Greatbatch has died at the age of 92. He was a lifelong inventor. And like many inventors, his most notable creation, the implantable cardiac pacemaker, was discovered accidentally. Read More >>