The World’s Smallest Pacemaker Can Be Implanted Without Surgery

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved an injectable pacemaker that doesn’t require wired leads, which often lead to complications. Read More >>

This Tiny Metal Pill is the Smallest Pacemaker Ever Implanted

The world is one step closer to a future where tiny ship-like vessels travel through our veins and fix our health problems. Recently, doctors across the United States implanted the world's smallest pacemaker into cardiac patients. The device is roughly the size of a large vitamin pill and is attached directly to the heart without invasive surgery. Read More >>

These Pacemakers Adjust To Your Breathing So You Can Stay Active

Pacemakers are designed to compensate for a condition known as bradycardia, where the heart beats too slowly to provide sufficient amounts of oxygen to the body. And to allow patients with pacemakers installed to continue healthy pursuits like exercise, a company called Boston Scientific is introducing a new line with a feature called RightRate technology that monitors respiration and adjusts the pacing accordingly. Read More >>

Someone Check on Grandpa: Mass Murder Via Pacemaker Hack Is Now Possible

If you're an maniacal villain, please stop reading now. Apparently pacemaker transmitters can be reverse-engineered to deliver deadly shocks. Read More >>