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This Pacific Rim: Uprising VFX Video Shows How Mo-Cap Performers Become 300-Foot-Tall Jaegers  

Pacific Rim Uprising may not have lived up to its predecessor, but it’s still a fun movie about giant monsters fighting giant robots that, sorry to break it to you, weren’t actually so giant before the film’s visual effects artists worked their magic. Read More >>

This Pacific Rim/Godzilla Crossover Poster is a Glimpse into the Kaiju Utopia of My Dreams

Godzilla and Pacific Rim is the crossover we deserve. In a just, good world, there would be five movies of this, just Jaegers and Godzilla, first enemies, then friends, then frenemies, and then, just when you think it gets old, in space. Read More >>

Meet Emily Carmichael, the Next Big Name in Scifi and Fantasy Filmmaking

After ten years making short films and working the festival circuit, this weekend will be the first time writer-director Emily Carmichael has a feature film released in cinema. It will not be the last. Read More >>