Plastic Packaging Replacements May be Worse for the Environment

A pressure group pushing positive environmental thoughts has confused themselves and everyone else by declaring some of the nation's eco activities misguided, warning that replacing plastic wraps with other alternatives may have unforeseen poorer consequences. Read More >>

Health Lobbyists Demand Plain Packaging for Crisps

Some people sitting in a tank and having a think about health have come up with an entirely predictable idea for how to stop us all getting fatter -- treat junk food in the same way we currently demonise cigarettes, by making the crisps and Kit Kats come in plan packaging. Read More >>

Waitrose Tests Packaging-Free Rice, Pasta and Beer Vending Machines

Environmentally aware consumers may soon be able to walk out of Waitrose with their pockets full of pasta, cereal, dried beans and rice, thanks to a trial of a packaging-free vending "refillable zone" that does away with the plastic wrapping that makes modern life so crinkly. Read More >>

We Want Plastic-Free Food Choices Say UK Shoppers

Here's an idea that suddenly seems amazing, even though it's the way things used to be done -- give us food shopping choices that don't involve plastic. Stop filling out precious little bin spaces with that scrunchy wrap that tries to reassure us of the cleanliness of everything. Get a man to put our tomatoes in a paper bag like it's 1953. Read More >>

Pre-Peeled, Pre-Halved Avocados Are the Worst Example of Wasteful Packaging Yet

Like bananas, avocados come direct from nature wrapped in their own durable protective packaging. So why is a California-based avocado grower and distributor selling the savoury fruits pre-peeled, pre-halved, sealed in plastic, and then wrapped in a cardboard box? Read More >>

The ‘Fashion’ Shots Promoting McDonald’s New Packaging Will Make You Snigger

McDonald’s has decided that the best way to get customers to turn their backs on so-called ‘gourmet’ burger chains and return to the golden arches is by updating its packaging, rather than its food. The fast-food behemoth has unveiled the redesigned boxes, cups and paper bags that'll land in US outlets this month, and the rest of the world during the year. Read More >>

The World’s First Entirely Plant-Based Milk Carton is Now on Shelves

This month, anyone in Finland who buy a lactose-free skimmed-milk drink called Eila at the supermarket will buying the world's first carton made entirely out of plant-based plastics — right down to the cap. Read More >>

This Slim Engagement Ring Case Slips Right Into Your Back Pocket

There are an infinite number of ways to do a marriage proposal. Regardless of what comes before, many of them climax in the big reveal of a fancy ring in a bulbous velvet box that, while traditionally classy, isn't exactly discrete. Packaging designer Andrew Zo streamlined that somewhat clunky exterior into Clifton, a clever, leather-bound pop up device the size of a credit card. Read More >>

The Horrors of Unpoppable Bubble Wrap

There are few things in life more satisfying than the sound bubble wrap popping, the very definition of tension released. It follows, then, that bubble wrap that cannot be popped is the antithesis of satisfaction, a new form of pure tension, forged deep in the belly of Mount Cringe. It's also the perfect way to start the day. Read More >>

The Simple Reason We Like Buying Food in Clear Packaging

Back in the olden days, most food packaging was thick and opaque—all the better to keep out elements like light and moisture which could potentially spoil our Monster Munch. Now it seems people, especially Americans, are gravitating towards packaging that lets us actually see the food we're buying. And it makes sense why this trend is gaining momentum now. Read More >>

LG’s Glueless Packaging is Almost as Impressive as the OLED TV Inside

A product's packaging is usually nothing but the last obstacle between you and a shiny new gadget, but often there's as much thought that goes into the design of a cardboard box as the device inside. For instance, LG put a remarkable amount of design effort into the box its OLED TVs ship in, and most consumers will never even notice. Read More >>

Is This Weird Little Blob the Future of Bottled Water?

We get it. Our love of drinking water from disposable plastic bottles is a problem, enough of a problem that San Francisco actually wants to ban them. But then what will we drink water out of? Ooho, which is a biodegradable membrane made of brown algae, is an interesting idea. Read More >>