No One Told Paddington Bear to F*ck Off

Some people, perhaps even seriously, thought that M&S sneaked some swearing into its celebrity-packed 2017 Christmas advert, with the ad perhaps appearing to suggest the line "F*ck you, little bear" was said to Paddington at the end. Read More >>

With the Weird-Looking ‘Skinny Shard’, Paddington May Soon be Famous for More than a Teddy Bear

Paddington could do with a lift. We know, because that’s where we’re based, and it’s definitely not just us who find it dull. Sellar Property Group wants to pump £1 billion into the area, which it’s described as ‘lifeless’, in a bid to transform it. Read More >>

This Hydraulic Bridge Opens and Closes Like a 30-Tonne Steel Fan

More than 200 years ago, this canal in London was a critical vein in the city's industrial infrastructure, carting goods between Birmingham and London. The bridge that spans it today would have seemed utterly bizarre, but a lot has changed since 1801. Read More >>

Torrential Rain Actually Causes Fire

Today's the day when everyone and their Mums are packing. Packing and heading off for Christmas that is, but it's not been the best of starts for the holiday exodus. Apparently, torrential rain actually managed to cause a fire at Acton, cancelling trains in their droves out of Paddington. Good old British weather. Read More >>