Paddy Power is Taking Bets on Brexit

Sometimes the only upside of a terrible political situation is the chance to make a bit of money by betting on the outcome. Well, that and making memes on Twitter. Read More >>

Paddy Power’s “Edgy” Immigrants Lorry Ad Was Offensive

The "edgy" marketing division of Paddy Power has earned its bosses another embarrassing public rebuke, with a joke about immigrants it whacked on a lorry that was driving through Calais deemed to have been on the wrong side of offensive, what with all the horrific deaths of children and that. Read More >>

Paddy Power’s Rainforest Gaffe, and the Seven Most Talked About World Cup Stunts

While all eyes will be focussed on the pitch once the World Cup kicks off this Thursday, there's a battle taking place off of it too. Companies are falling over themselves in an effort to capture the buzz surrounding this year's Brazilian tournament, looking to outdo each other with ever more elaborate footballing-themed stunts. And for every stroke of marketing genius, there's a facepalm fugazi just waiting to follow it up. Read More >>

Paddy Power Faked Brazilian Rainforest Destruction to Cheer on England

According to the folks at Reddit, someone has cut down areas of the Brazilian Rainforest in order to write an encouraging message for the England football team. The someone accused of the act? Sometimes-controversial betting company Paddy Power. (Updated below.) Read More >>