Apple’s Microsoft Office Killer Is Free Again (If You Dare)

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the perks and perils of Microsoft Office, especially the program you begrudgingly used to write your college papers: Word. In what appears to be an unrelated move, Apple just made a whole host of productivity apps free. Get excited for Pages! (Borat voice: “Not!”) Read More >>

Facebook Is Rolling Out Threaded Comments to Pages and Hyper-Popular Profiles

What was once just an infinitely looping twinkle in a Facebook developer's eye has officially become a reality: comments in reply to comments in reply to posts. Read More >>

Facebook Updates its Super Special Buddy Friendship Pages

Facebook has upgraded the look of its "Friendship" pages, bringing a new feel to the parts of the site that celebrate all the joys two people can have when endlessly tagging photos of each other on the internet. Read More >>

Facebook Ramping Up Ads to Infiltrate Your News Feed

Just what we all wanted, more Facebook ads! In our news feeds too! It's not like we can say no or anything, we'll just have to accept the new status quo as Facebook look to shake things up again and to impress investors. We can now all look forward to ads slipping into our news feeds, whether or not we're even fans of a page or product. Read More >>

Mountain Lion Brings Improved iWork File Sharing

As many users might have seen in the past, using both the iOS and Mac versions of iWork doesn't quite work in the harmonious way that you think it would. But this is going to change when Mountain Lion drops, as iWork will automatically sync via Documents in the Cloud. Read More >>