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Watch This Incredibly Talented Artist Create a Self-Portrait While Painting Backwards

I couldn’t even accurately trace a photo of myself to create a self-portrait that looked anything like me. But artist Ewan McClure manages to make a masterpiece by looking at his face and the canvas in a mirror, which must have been incredibly frustrating as all of his brush movements would have been reversed as he reached around to the front of the canvas to paint. Read More >>

Recreating a 17th Century Painting in Photoshop Is Basically Magic

Using stock images and Johannes Vermeer’s 1664 painting The Concert as a base, photographer Erik Almas admirably recreated the lost masterpiece in Photoshop. Heck, it might be able to fool you into thinking it were the real thing... if you were standing and squinting from very far away. Still. It’s pretty nice to see Almas’ workflow and how creative he gets in trying to mimic the original. Read More >>

This Animated Modern Twist of a Bizarre Famous Painting is Just Delightful

Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights is one of the most famous paintings in history. The centre panel of the triptych showcases a bunch of naked people enjoying themselves in the most hedonistic ways possible at the time (or I guess, any time). Studio Smack updated the painting a bit with a modern spin and added a whole lot of other kind of weirdness — cloud cows, tentacle towers, undulating sacs of human faces, a spider made of human legs doing the can-can, and giant headless chickens showing signs of leprosy. Read More >>

This Vibrating Pen Would Be Great for Prison Tattoos 

When artist Georges-Pierre Seurat painted his famous A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, he painstakingly added every dot of paint, one by one, until his masterpiece was complete. It was a technique that’s come to be known as pointillism, and thanks to this vibrating electronic pen, the process is now far less excruciating. Read More >>

How to Understand a Picasso Painting

Everybody knows Picasso, his name precedes his art. But what exactly are we looking at when we look at a Picasso painting? Are we marvelling at how wild his work was? Questioning him for cubism? Wondering about his blue period? Thinking if we could paint some wonky pieces and have it considered art? Nerdwriter breaks down how to understand a Picasso painting (or any art piece, really) by simplifying it into steps. Read More >>

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Could Pretty Much Anyone Just Make a Jackson Pollock Painting?

You know that feeling, we’ve all had it. You’re walking in a gallery or museum and stumble upon something you think is so simple, a piece that is so ridiculous that you look at it and then look at the people around you and are like, “oh my god, I could totally do this. how is this art?!” You might even wave your arms in an exasperated fashion. You might think art is stupid. You’re also totally wrong. Read More >>

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Film Scenes and the Art Paintings That Inspire Them, Side-By-Side

Film takes inspiration from the world around us so it’s no surprise that directors mimic art paintings in their movies. Read More >>

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Watch Art Enthusiasts Gush Over Cheap Ikea Print

A man has successfully spoofed a small part of the art world by convincing visitors to a gallery that a £10 Ikea print of a whale and a few bits of machinery is some sort of work of art by renowned artist Ike Andrews. As in, IKEA-ndrews. Read More >>

Google Wants to Teach You About Art While You Chuckle at Dogs Wearing Hats

This painting here is called Calm at a Mediterranean Port. It's by Claude-Joseph Vernet. If you want to take a selfie of yourself standing in front of the original, you have to go to the the J. Paul Getty Museum. Read More >>

The Spectacular Art of Painting With Soap Bubbles 

If you don't know how they're made, Jiří Georg Dokoupil's paintings might look like microscope photos of phosphorescent deep-sea hydrozoa, or maybe computer-generated cartoon characters. Turns out, they're actually the permanent evidence something way simpler: bubbles. Read More >>

Five Lost Images Found Hidden Beneath Famous Paintings

This week, scientists discovered something totally new about one of Picasso's most famous works: It was covering up another painting. But this wasn't the first unknown work discovered beneath a famous work over the past few years. Thanks to new tech, dozens of lost works are reappearing. Read More >>

An Algorithm Revealed 200 Lost Paintings on Angkor Wat’s Ancient Walls

Even a building as famous and photographed as Angkor Wat has its secrets. With the help of an image enhancement algorithm, a sharp-eyed rock-art researcher has revealed that unassuming smears of pigment are actually faded drawings. It could be graffiti—or it could be the remnants of a concerted 16th century restoration programme. Read More >>

The Gritty Cityscapes of Jeremy Mann

The folks over at Colossal have put the focus on Jeremy Mann and his new wonderful cityscapes, large format masterworks of light and colour that contrast with his gritty brushstrokes and markings. Read More >>

Unknown £3k eBay Painting Buyer May Have £250,000 Masterpiece

An art dealer may have made a rather large mistake in selling a painting for £3,000 on eBay. It was one of a pair by artist Edouard Vuillard and could be worth around £250,000. So if you know someone with a weird oval painting they got from eBay a few years ago, let them know. Or don't let them know and buy it off them for £4,000. Read More >>