Study: Nuclear War Between India and Pakistan Would Trigger Global Starvation

In addition to killing as many as 125 million people, a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan would unleash mass starvation around the world due to the ensuing climate impacts, according to a disturbing new study. Read More >>

A Microsoft Font Really Did Take Pakistan’s Prime Minister Down

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will resign his position immediately following a landmark decision by his country’s Supreme Court. Sharif has been under fire since last year, when leaked documents appeared to show his family had hidden wealth in shell companies overseas. Earlier this month, investigators revealed that crucial financial documents provided by the Sharifs used Microsoft’s Calibri font but were dated from before that font was publicly released. Read More >>

The Microsoft Font That Has Scandalised Pakistan’s First Family

Back in April, the family of Pakistan’s scandal-plagued prime minister landed in the crosshairs of an investigation relating to the leaked Panama Papers. This week, the team handling the investigation concluded that documents signed by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s family were fraudulent due to the fact that they were purportedly from 2006 but used Microsoft’s Calibri font, which wasn’t publicly released until 2007. Read More >>

Man Sentenced to Death for Blasphemous Facebook Comments in Pakistan

According to the BBC, the prosecutor in the case said he “believed it was the first time the death penalty had been awarded in a case related to social media.” A tally kept by Al Jazeera records 68 killings in Pakistan related to blasphemy allegations since 1990. Read More >>

The Number of People Killed in Covert Drone Strikes is Down 50 Percent

As another year comes to a close, another batch of sobering numbers about the United States' semi-secret drone war is in. They're actually not as bad as they used to be. Read More >>

Report: US Drone Strikes “May Constitute War Crimes”

The US government has long maintained that its drone strike programme, whilst tiptoeing very finely along the line of international legality, is still practical, efficient and morally OK. A new report from human rights organisation Amnesty International throws doubt on that, with rather shocking examples like a 68-year-old grandmother Hellfired into oblivion whilst out picking vegetables. Read More >>

Watch this Island Appear Out of Nowhere Off the Coast of Pakistan

NASA's Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) satellite captured the birth of the new island off the coast of Gwadar, Pakistan after this week's 7.8 earthquake. Read below for a longer look at this rocky, flammable gas-emitting landform that scientists are calling a "mud volcano" and why this little island might not last very long. As of today, the earthquake has claimed 515 lives, with attacks from insurgents hampering relief efforts. Read More >>

What Happens When Natural Disasters Instantly Change Our Maps?

Pakistan's devastating earthquake this week killed hundreds, with a death toll that's certain to rise. While the country recovers, the world has become fascinated by a geographic side effect of the disaster: the quake was so powerful that it created a new island in the Arabian Sea. And as of Wednesday morning, people were already exploring it. Read More >>

Seized Memory Card Contained al Qaeda Documents Encoded in Porn

Last year, Maqsood Lodin was being interviewed by police after he'd travelled to Pakistan. When his questioners found a memory card in his underwear, they were suspicious—but it seemed only to contain porn. Later investigation, however, reveals that one film was actually encoded with more than 100 secret al Qaeda documents. Read More >>

What’s the Best Way to Find Porn? Employ 15-Year-Old Boys of Course

In a rare stroke of governmental genius, Pakistan turned to a 15-year-old boy to track down all of the world’s porn sites in an attempt to filter-out smut. Proving no one is better at hunting down porn than teenagers, young Ghazi Muhammad Abdullah managed to index almost 780,000 sex sites in just six months – now that’s heck of a lot of porn. Read More >>

Pakistan Plans to Demolish Bin Laden’s Compound — With RPG’s

Osama Bin Laden may have gone out with a whimper but his secret lair in Abbottabad will soon be going out with a bang. A rocket-propelled bang, that is. Read More >>

You Want to Stop Me Swearing in Text Messages? F*** that

Some of us like a good expletive every now and then. Others like to send dirty messages to our, err, loved ones. But in Pakistan, that's soon to stop, as the country is banning rude text messages. Read More >>

Mankind Has Created 128,000 Nukes—But 2 Per Cent Are a Mystery

A new report on nuclear proliferation is—surprise!—kind of terrifying, revealing some disconcerting facts about nuclear warheads, who has them, and what we don't know. The bottom line: holy hell, we've built a lot of these things. Read More >>

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Last Surviving Sikh Ninja Master Is Looking for a Disciple

Nidar Singh is the last known master of shastar vidya, a form of Sikh martial arts that involves lots of spinning blades flying around at the same time. It's seriously impressive—and seriously endangered, unless Singh gets help. Read More >>