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The Year 2000 Is Officially Retro

I’m calling it. The year 2000 is officially retro. Fight me. Read More >>

Seven Real Products That Get Their Names From Dystopian Fiction

We all use dystopian movies and books to make sense of our world. Whether it’s Brave New World, 1984, or The Hunger Games, dystopian fiction serves as a common touchpoint to talk about our fears. But what happens when companies knowingly embrace the dark side of futurism and start naming products after the things we were supposed to find scary? Read More >>

Dolly Parton Creates Time Capsule With New Song We Can’t Hear Until 2046

Music legend Dolly Parton turns 70 next month. And to celebrate she’s creating a time capsule to be opened on her 100th birthday. The capsule will contain plenty of unique pieces, but the most interesting item is a new song–a song we won’t be able to hear until the year 2046. Read More >>

Time Capsule Opened, Contains Punchline For 71-Year-Old Joke

The residents of Lebanon, New Hampshire, recently discovered a time capsule hidden under the steps of their City Hall. Dated 1944, the capsule was in the form of a brown whiskey bottle. But sadly, there wasn’t any whiskey inside. Instead, it seems like it was just the set-up for a punchline 71 years in the making. Read More >>

The 1950s “Miracle Kitchen” of the Future Had Its Own Roomba

In July 1959, the magazine Look ran an article describing the “miracle kitchen” of the future, ostensibly about the amazing advances that Americans would see in their own homes. In reality, it was part of a much larger propaganda battle of the Cold War–and it involved a proto-roomba. Read More >>

University Students Find Audio Time Capsule, Can’t Find Tape Player

If you want to leave a video or audio message in a time capsule, what medium should you choose? Will people of the future be able to listen to your CD or your mp3? Will the folks of 100 years or even just 10 years hence be able to find a DVD player? Do you even have a DVD player today? Read More >>

Watch Teddy Roosevelt’s First Aeroplane Flight, 105 Years Ago Today

On October 11th, 1910 Teddy Roosevelt became the first US president to fly in an aeroplane. Well, technically he was an ex-president at the time. But that somehow makes it even more badass. Read More >>

Remember EATR, the Military Robot That Was Supposed to Eat Humans?

“We completely understand the public’s concern about futuristic robots feeding on the human population, but that is not our mission,” Cyclone’s CEO Harry Schoell said in a press release in 2009. Read More >>

Enormous Time Capsule Opened, Sucks

Yesterday it was reported that the John F. Kennedy Peace Capsule that was being dug up and opened in Michigan after 50 years of sitting in the ground. And just as we feared, everything inside was a wet mess. Read More >>

The Syrian Refugee Crisis Is Our Children of Men Moment

We often use old sci-fi movies as reference points for our own hopes and fears about our present reality. That computer interface is so Minority Report, we might say. That food is something out of Soylent Green. That building is so Jetsons. It’s imperfect, but it’s a shorthand to talk about the way that the world is changing, for better and for worse. And given the humanitarian crisis in Syria, it seems our most popular point of reference in the summer of 2015 is the 2006 film Children of Men. Read More >>

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Take a Virtual Tour of Disneyland’s 1960s Monsanto House of the Future

The Monsanto House of the Future sat in the heart of Disneyland for a decade, giving people a peek at the homes of tomorrow. The house was built in 1957 and torn down in 1967. But now people of the 21st century can get their very own walk-through, even if it’s just on YouTube. Read More >>

Whisky Discovered in 121-Year-Old Time Capsule, But Would You Drink It?

Building crews in Scotland just discovered a time capsule from 1894 containing what they think is a bottle of whisky — leading the literally dozens of time capsules aficionados in the world to ask themselves the obvious question: Would I drink it? Read More >>

Photo Essay: Inside a 120-Year-Old Steam-Powered Water Pumping Station

A small village on the left bank of the river Tisza in Hungary hides one of the best-preserved industrial relics I have ever seen. If you wander along the flood prevention dyke near the village, you’ll see an old building with an enormous brick chimney towering above the trees: this is the old Tiszabercel water pumping station, a one-of-a-kind gem from the steam age. Read More >>