CES 2018: What Is Technics Doing?

The new, modular Technics SP-10R turntable plays records just like any other turntable. But, according to Technics, it plays records really, really, really well. It better since it’s priced at $10,000 (£7,389; UK pricing TBA) and up depending on just how you configure it. But the introduction of yet another Technics tribute model—or collector’s item if you’re being honest with yourself—makes you wonder. What exactly is this legendary audio company trying to do? Read More >>

ces 2018
CES 2018: Uh, Panasonic, I Think You Forgot to Bring the Gadgets

Plenty of people have preconceived notions about the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. “It’s where you can play with cool gadgets!” say the hopeful. “It’s where you can get good schwag!” say the greedy. “It’s where you can establish a vague but thought-provoking imagination of a connected future, one that marries consumer aspirations with business interests!” say very few. This year, Panasonic is among those very few, in my opinion. Read More >>

CES 2018: Panasonic Cut the Lumix GH5S’ Resolution in Half to Get Even Better Low-Light Images

Panasonic’s Lumix GH5 is already one of the top picks for people who want mirrorless camera that captures high quality 4K video. So what could the company possibly do to make it even better? Apparently, it seems the answer is to slash its megapixels in half. Read More >>

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The Curved TV Gimmick Might Finally Be Dead

If you weren’t watching Samsung’s TV event and LG press conference you might have missed it. The curved TV, once considered the whizzbang tech that would save televisions, is dead. Not quite in the ground, but no longer the darling of its makers. The curved TV is being quietly shuffled away from the limelight to make way for newer, and better, fads in televisions. Read More >>

Panasonic’s New Compact Camera Looks Like the Best, But a Whole Lot Cheaper

Once upon a time Panasonic was among the champs when it came to “step-up cameras”—the high-quality point and shoots that bridged the gap between cheap cameras and pricey DSLRs. But over the last few years, Sony’s RX100 series cameras have taken the crown thanks to a tiny camera body, excellent image quality, and fancy features like a high-speed lens and the ability to shoot high-quality video. The new Lumix LX10 looks like a welcome return to form for Panasonic—aping the RX100's best features and knocking a few hundred off the price. Read More >>

This Device Was the iPod of the 1970s (Sort Of)

When it was first released, the iPod flew off shelves with the promise of storing 1,000 songs. Thirty years prior, fitting that much music in a single piece of consumer equipment was unheard of — except in the case of the Panasonic RS-296US. Read More >>

This Indestructible Camera Will Be the Only Thing Left to Record the Apocalypse

When you go to the trouble of installing a security camera in some hard-to-reach place, you want to know for certain it will survive with little need for maintenance. That’s what Panasonic is promising with this remote camera that keeps on recording even when the wind is blowing at preposterous speeds up to 134 MPH. Read More >>

One Tweet From Elon Musk Made £398 Million Disappear

Tweets are mysterious things. They’re sometimes witty, usually banal, and often just rubbish. But if you’re Elon Musk, your tweets can have a very real impact on how companies are valued. For instance, one tweet from Musk last night wiped out $580 million (£398m) from Samsung SDI’s market capitalisation. No joke. Read More >>

Toshiba Just Recalled Over 100,000 Batteries That Are Melting Laptops

If you’re the owner of a Toshiba laptop, there’s a chance its battery could overheat and go kaboom and melt your machine—which is why the Japanese electronics giant recalled a bunch of Panasonic battery packs this week. Read More >>

Panasonic Wants To Transform Home Cooking With Their Countertop Induction Oven

This is pretty cool: Panasonic has announced at the International Home & Hardwares Show that they will be producing a Countertop Induction Oven. Read More >>

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Capture Your Holiday Videos in Glorious 4K With Panasonic’s New Compact Shooter

Instead of forcing your family to endure a gruelling slideshow of your holiday photos, Panasonic wants you to treat them to stunning 4K videos of your hotel room, random meals, and various takeoffs with its new Lumix DMC-Zs100—a compact shooter with a hefty one-inch sensor. Read More >>

Panasonic Viera TX-50CX802 Review: 4K Firefox TV Stunner Recalls the Heady Days of Plasma

TV technology is on the cusp of taking two bold leaps forward, from 1080p to 4K as standard, and from LCD to OLED as the new norm. Panasonic’s Viera CX802 series straddles the line between both, being a 4K LCD. After a rocky 2014 which saw Panasonic’s usually-exemplary TV picture quality falter in some models, the TX-50CX802 is an absolute belter, being an LCD to rival both OLED and classic plasmas, with some Firefox OS wizardry thrown in, all at a competitive price to boot. Read More >>

Two Years After Killing Plasma TVs, Panasonic Wades Into 4K OLED

Today, Panasonic tentatively waded into the world of 4K OLED TVs with a new 65-inch set, following the successes of LG and Samsung with the relatively new display technology. Read More >>

What is HDR TV and Should I Start Saving For It?

Berlin's annual IFA tech extravaganza kicks off this week, and of all the major technology trade shows, it's the one to keep an eye on if you're looking at investing in a new telly to plonk in your living room. Read More >>