Doomed Throwable Camera Ball Now Wants Owners to Pay an Extra Fee Every Time They Use it

It’s been almost eight years since a younger version of myself first reported on the Panono: a camera covered ball that snaps 360-degree photos when tossed in the air. It’s been a bumpy ride for the Panono since then, and even a bumpier one for those who purchased and actually received their cameras as yesterday the company announced new fees for anyone actually wanting to use it. Read More >>

Cursed Throwable Camera Is Finally Dead After Six Years of Toil

In a time when your average smartphone can capture immersive 360-degree photos using a clever app, how can consumers justify spending £460+ on a spherical camera that does the same thing? It turns out they can’t, which is why the creators of the Panono have filed for bankruptcy, and are in the process of selling off the company’s assets. Read More >>

The Throwable, 360 Degree Camera Ball is Here… Five Years Too Late

It’s been five years since the public first eyeballed the Panono, a green rubber ball that shoots 360-degree images. It’s been another three since we went hands on with the super cool prototype. Now the Panono is finally here, shooting very pretty picture and costing a wallet-puckering €1499 (£1,169) Read More >>