The Corpse of the Panopticon Creator Now Has an All-Seeing Eye

Jeremy Bentham was an eccentric guy. The 18th-century British philosopher is known for designing the Panopticon, a type of prison building with an all-seeing eye. He also asked for his skeleton to be dressed and put on public display. And that display now has an all-seeing eye of its own. Read More >>

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Crowdsourced Transcription Project Discovers (Bad) Cookery Recipes By 18th Century Philosopher

Take a walk through University College London, and you may stumble across a wooden display cabinet containing a human skeleton with a wax head, wearing period dress. These are the remains of Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832), Enlightenment philosopher and spiritual founder of UCL. And thanks to an online crowdsourcing initiative called Transcribe Bentham, his work has taken on a new lease of life. Read More >>