This is How You Fold a Record-Breaking Paper Aeroplane

In 2012, designer John Collins constructed a paper aeroplane that flew an astonishing 226 feet, establishing a distance record that still stands. A new video demonstrates the steps required to fold your own version of this record-setting paper-based aircraft. Read More >>

You Can Finally Buy Pre-Folded Paper Airplanes in Bulk

The internet brought countless innovations to the world, one of which being the ability to pawn off hard work onto someone else, anywhere on earth, for a price. For example, if you need 500 paper airplanes but don’t want to waste hours folding them, you can now just buy them in bulk. Read More >>

These Remarkably Detailed Paper Airplanes Actually Fly

Despite what you may have learned in school behind your teacher’s back, paper airplanes don’t have to be completely featureless and boring. With the right materials, or these kits from Huntly’s Paper Warplanes, they can actually look like real-life aircraft and still be able to glide across a room. Read More >>

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3D-Printed Machine Gun Folds and Shoots Endless Paper Airplanes

It doesn't matter what side of the debate you're on when it comes to using 3D printers to make guns, how could anyone being against using the technology to build a machine gun that folds and fires an endless barrage of paper airplanes? Read More >>

These Model Flying Ships are Whimsical But Also Really Real

You can spend a lot of time on model-building or paper airplane folding, but Italian architect Luigi Prina does both. His flying models hang from the ceiling of his small studio as a reminder of his 20+ year design hobby. Read More >>

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How to Make a Paper Airplane Fly Forever

The trick to make a paper aeroplane fly forever isn't in the quality of the paper or the intricacy of the folding, it's in using an electric cooker to keep the paper aeroplane afloat in constant motion. Read More >>

Lego Mischief Machine Automatically Folds and Throws Paper Aeroplanes

You usually have to choose between passing exams and being a mischief-maker in school. But with this brilliant Lego contraption created by NXTLOG member hknssn13, you can be both. It automatically grabs a sheet of paper from a stack, folds it into a paper aeroplane, and then launches it towards your target. Read More >>

Send Some Dangerous Airmail With These Weaponised Paper Planes

We've all done our fair share of chucking paper aeroplanes at friends. And maybe, if you're a real engineer, you've made some clever, paper-folding modifications that let your plane do a loop — or better yet actually land on target. Joerg Sparve has turned his eye towards those paper aircraft, and needless to say, the outcome can do damage. Read More >>