A New Way to Erase Ink Lets You Reuse Printouts Without Recycling

Yes, it’s great that your office put a blue bin next to the copy machine so unwanted print outs don’t end up in the trash. But recycling paper still takes its toll on the environment, so researchers at Rutgers have come up with a new way to erase ink off a printed page, allowing it to be run through a printer again and again. Read More >>

NHS Told to Embrace Modern Tech Solution “Email” to Directly Message Patients

The innovative new communications protocol of email should be used as the default option within the NHS, says health secretary Matt Hancock, in news that should really have come via a fax machine regional bulletin from 1996. Read More >>

The reMarkable E Ink Tablet Is Way Too Good For Its Software (and Price)

Do you remember when everyone thought the arrival of the iPad heralded the demise of E Ink-based devices? Even yours truly far prefers the experience of reading books on the bright, full-colour LCD display of the iPad Mini. Consequently I’ve spent a lot of time questioning the need for e-ink devices like Amazon Kindle. But at CES last month I had an abrupt change of heart. It was there I was able to try out the reMarkable tablet for the first time, and after playing with it for a few minutes, I was excited at the thought of finally being able to go completely paperless; no more notebooks, no more misplaced scraps of paper, and no more sticky notes. I immediately begged them to loan me a unit to review, and after nearly two weeks with it I’m still in love—even if I know this thing has big problems. Read More >>

Casio’s £33,000 Printer Can Turn Paper Into Faux Leather, Wood, and Alligator Skin

As a rule, we rarely post news about printers here on Gizmodo because, as a rule, they’re mind-numbingly boring. But Casio’s new Mofrel system does something truly innovative: it can add 3D textures to your printouts, turning flat paper into faux leather, stone, wood, and even simulate embossed stitched fabrics. Read More >>

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This Stretchable Sculpture of The Notorious B.I.G. is Actually Made From Thousands of Sheets of Paper

Artist Felix Semper’s latest work, a bust of Notorious B.I.G. he calls Big Poppa, looks like it was carved from a giant chunk of heavy stone. But it’s actually made from thousands of sheets of paper that have been all glued together— allowing the sculpture to be stretched and elongated, but still able to return to its original form. Read More >>

This Browser Extension Will Help You Read Science Papers for Free

Probably the suckiest thing about science is the fact that lots of the time you can’t read the research yourself. If it’s not open access and you’re interested, either you shell out 35 bucks for a pdf, email someone asking for it, or settle with listening to some dummy like me interpret the results peppered with quotes and my biases. Read More >>

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This Tiny Paper Organ Deserves Its Own Jam Band

A pipe organ can cost more than £150,000 and weigh thousands of pounds. Not this instrument. The paper organ built by master craftsman Aliaksei Zholner costs and weights only a fraction of that — and it works just like the real thing. Read More >>

Mail Your Friends the Universe With an Envelope Full of Constellations

If you still believe that a handwritten letter carries more emotional weight than an auto-generated response to a text message, these star-filled envelopes will even let you send an entire galaxy to your friends and loved ones – if they peer inside. Read More >>

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The Art of Making an Impossibly Thin Gold Leaf from a Tiny Piece of Gold

Gold is so malleable that a single gram of it can be stretched into a strip nearly two miles long. A tiny little coin can be pressed into a 0.0001-millimetre-thin golden rectangle sheet the size of a tatami mat. So leave it to the talented artisans of Japan to transform a tiny bit of gold into shimmering gold leaf that’s so thin, it’s almost translucent. Read More >>

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How Many Times Can You Fold a Piece of Aluminium Foil?

Everyone knows you can’t fold a piece of paper more than seven or eight times (even though the world record is 12). It’s just one of those silly things that sticks at school and become law. But what if you were folding aluminium foil? And what if you had the assistance of the almighty hydraulic press? You can fold pretty much forever! Read More >>

We’ve Hit ‘Peak Stuff’ Thanks to Technology

The next time anybody accuses you of being wasteful, pull this one out of the bag (and then change your ways). According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), use of ‘stuff’ has fallen by around a third in just over a decade, with the average Briton using 10.3 tonnes of material in 2013, as opposed to 15 tonnes in 2001. Read More >>

These Remarkably Detailed Paper Airplanes Actually Fly

Despite what you may have learned in school behind your teacher’s back, paper airplanes don’t have to be completely featureless and boring. With the right materials, or these kits from Huntly’s Paper Warplanes, they can actually look like real-life aircraft and still be able to glide across a room. Read More >>

Super Steady Hands Built This Working V8 Engine From Paper

The real thing can weigh upwards of 250 kilos, but the V8 engine built by Aliaksei Zholner would barely register on a scale because it’s only slightly larger than a ping-pong ball and made from nothing but paper and glue. Read More >>