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Origami Darth Vader Is Too Cute to Rule the Galaxy

Tadashi Mori is a prolific origami artist who’s previously folded replica aircraft and terrifying dragons, but now he’s turned his talents to the Dark Side. Read More >>

This Combination Lock Made of Paper Actually Works

It's probably not a good idea to secure your valuables in a safe that could be easily circumvented by a toddler. Even if it does have a working combination lock. So we'll just file this papercraft safe under educational novelty. Read More >>

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Watch This Brilliant 3D Papercraft Vader Come Together

Star Wars fans are famous for their fervent adoration of the legendary trilogy — adoration that sometimes bordering on religious zealotry. Case in point: this intricate papercraft Darth Vader iconography by Spanish designer Lobulo. Check out the making of video and the finished model after the jump. Read More >>

The Analogue Gorgeousness of Papercraft Cameras

They may not actually "work" like that folded Leica but these papercraft reproductions of SLRs, Super8s, and Roliflexes are unique in that they're themselves constructed from analogue technologies. Read More >>