Tesco is Trialling Digital Receipts

Watching customers fumble with their awkwardly stacked change and receipts is no longer doing it for Tesco staff -- seriously, why’s it always coins on top? -- who have decided to trial a paperless system, similar to the one Argos already offers. Read More >>

Courtrooms Going Wireless in £160m Attempt to Eradicate Paperwork

The next time you're hauled up in front of local magistrates for not paying your council tax or setting fire to your peanuts, the judges may be looking a little more distracted than usual thanks to plans to digitise the UK's courtrooms. Read More >>

David Cameron Denies Personal Nuke Control iPad App, Or Any Other Personal App For That Matter

Our dear Prime Minister, David Cameron, loves his iPad apparently. So much so that a government control app has reportedly been developed for keeping an eye on the country from a tablet; it’s just not one that’ll allow him to control our Trident nuclear defence system, or do any other PM-specific duties he has to perform. Read More >>