Fully Furnished Fake Houses Run Solely to Trap Burglars

Since the end of 2007, UK police have run a secret network of fully furnished fake apartments and townhouses, solely for the purpose of capturing local burglary suspects. These are called "capture houses." Matt Delito never mentioned these now did he? Read More >>

Does It Stress You Out When People Borrow Your Devices?

When someone asks to use my laptop for a minute, or borrow my phone to check something real quick, I'll always say yes, but it drives me nuts. It probably dates back to my childhood, when watching my parents use the "kids' computer" for one reason or another always terrified me because they might find something they weren't supposed to. Like a bloody game I borrowed from a friend or...something else. Read More >>

The Anonymous Guide to Hiding From Facial Recognition, or the Long Arm of the Law

Those rapscallions at Anonymous definitely like to live their lives with outward privacy; their less than subtle ways of masking their identity have become totally ingrained in the public consciousness. Their new educational video aims to help the paranoid hide away from facial recognition software in various ways, from being devilishly subtle to downright insane. Read More >>