Fat Post Boxes for Parcels Make Life Easier for eBayers

The Royal Mail is doing something new with post boxes. This could tear the nation apart worse than Brexit. It has created a super-fat-mouthed post box variant for parcels that's out on trial right now, and is designed to serve the significant proportion of the population that ekes out a living from posting out packages every day. Read More >>

Royal Mail Will Deliver Parcels on a Sunday Starting This Summer

A new book, Blu-ray or bill through the post on a Sunday morning? A new pilot scheme starting this summer will see Royal Mail teams deliver just that, offering late weekend parcel services for the first time. Read More >>

Amazon to Take Over Closed Tube Station Ticket Offices as Parcel Collection Points?

While it seems Londoners are unanimously in favour of London Underground's plans to run Tube services through the night from 2015, few will be pleased to hear that with the move also comes the closure of manned ticket offices, and a host of resultant job losses. But Amazon may be about to give that cloud its silver lining. Read More >>

RFID Parcel Sensor Knows If Your Delivery Has Been Dropped

When I was a Christmas postman, many years ago, some of the bored guys in the sorting office's loading bay liked to play a boisterous game of "catch" when parcels marked "video recorder" and "fragile" arrived. How they guffawed when one landed in the bottom of a skip with a sickening crunch, ruining somebody's Christmas. Read More >>