Teen Monitoring Apps Don’t Work and Just Make Teens Hate Their Parents, Study Finds

So-called parental control apps on smartphones might suck at actually protecting kids from iffy stuff on the internet, new preliminary research from the University of Central Florida suggests. And unsurprisingly, they also seem to drive a wedge between teens and parents. Read More >>

One Crazy Way My Mum Can Share Photos With Me, Her Daughter

The email arrived in my personal inbox, mysteriously and poorly titled: “Heidi ‘s christening.” I was not sure who Heidi was, but after noting it came from my mother’s rarely used email address, I assumed it was a relation I’d heard mentioned in weekly phone calls. I clicked and there was a single image about the size of a stamp with a caption noting some grandmothers were involved. Read More >>

School Offering “Man Days” to Teach Fatherless Kids Basic Male Tasks

Suggesting the lack of a male role model in the lives of kids can act as a "barrier" to their educational and life progress, one Essex school is taking matters into its own hands by offering boys lessons in how to be more of a man. We hope they accept mature students. Read More >>

What are the Best Tech Support One-Liners Your Parents Have Asked You?

I'm at my parents' house for the weekend. Loosely translated, I'm doing some minor tech support for the next few days. My mother just implored: Siri now hates me. Can you help me? Sure, mum. Read More >>

Childless Couple Turns to Twitter to Spread Story of Struggle to Adopt

Rick and Erica Jones have been trying to adopt a baby for the past three years. Unfortunately for the Michigan couple, their adoption agency (Morningstar Adoption Center) doesn't have the means to market their clients — nor do the Jones's have the enough money to pay for the services of a larger, more successful adoption agency. Read More >>

World’s Worst Parents Put Kid Through Spin-Cycle at the Laundromat

"Gee, Honey. I'm all done loading the dirty laundry, but I don't want to stop and hey look there's an empty machine right here." Read More >>

Posting Pictures of Her Terminally Ill Son Will Got Grieving Mother Banned from Facebook

The day Grayson James Walker was born, his parents—Heather and Patrick Walker, of Memphis, Tennessee—knew their time with him would be brief. Grayson had been diagnosed in utero with a rare neural tube birth defect called Anencephaly, in which a baby is born without parts of the brain and skull. Read More >>

Screen Rage is the New Temper-Tantrum

At five years-old, it's no fun getting interrupted while you're focused on something. As a parent, I compensate for that by employing a series of intricately planned measures to guide my son from whatever he happens to be doing towards whatever it is that I want him to do instead. Read More >>