Airport Parking Scammer Dumped Cars in a Field, Court Told

The operator of boring-sounding business London Parking Gatwick Ltd is in court at the moment, charged with massively exaggerating the seriousness of his airport parking systems. As in, he's accused of picking up cars, driving them around for a bit, using them to get his shopping in and dumping the cars in a field. Read More >>

Local Faked Council Parking Signs to Keep Commuters Away

A person in Bath, driven mad by outsiders dumping their cars on his or her road, has created their own restricted parking area — Zone F. Zone F doesn't actually exist, but the parking signs this road vigilante made look very authentic indeed. Read More >>

Government Ploughs £4m into Weird Local Council Idea Apps

The government's decided to weigh in on the digital cities side of things again, with today seeing £4m awarded to a basket of apps and data streaming solutions that might help near-future you avoid traffic and find a parking space via the magic of a smartphone. That you shouldn't be looking at while driving, but still. Read More >>

San Francisco Still Owes Steve Jobs $174 for Overpaid Parking Tickets

It turns out Steve Jobs’s legacy isn’t all rounded corners and chamfered edges: he also (accidentally) bequeathed the San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority $174 in overpaid parking fines. He’s not alone: the SFMTA is trying to return $6 million in overpaid fines dating back to 1995. Read More >>

Parking Wardens Have Snagged £700m in Fines in a Year

English councils are raking it in from whacking tickets on the people carriers of the nation, with stats from the RAC Foundation suggesting they took in a whopping £693m during 2014/15 -- a nice four per cent increase on the previous year. Read More >>

Birmingham and Manchester are the Most Expensive Places to Park in the UK

Drivers in Manchester and Birmingham are paying paying on average £750 for to park annually, according to a new study. That's ten times higher than the national average. Read More >>

Street Parking Won’t Be a Chore When Your BMW Finds Spots For You

A full third of all vehicular congestion in cities is estimated to be caused by people circling—and circling... and circling... and circling—as they look for parking. A new tool that will be onboard all new BMWs will aggregate real-time data to point drivers towards potential parking spaces and away from inevitable parking headaches. Read More >>

Law Change Hands Drivers 10 Minutes of Free Parking

Drivers across England will soon benefit from a change in parking laws that gives everyone a free 10 minutes of parking time -- by adding a grace period to the end of each paid ticket or free bay spot. Read More >>

Airport Parking in London is Often More Expensive Than the Flights

Dumping your car at an airport in and around London can cost more than the actual flight to somewhere warmer, with passengers paying £167 to park for a week at Heathrow -- or a staggering  £315 to leave a car at the more central City airport. Read More >>

Apple Patent Helps Find Your Car Even When You Can’t Get a Signal

The patents—"Automatic identification of vehicle location" and "Vehicle location in weak location signal scenarios"—describe how an iOS device could automatically detect when you've parked your car and then guide you back to it, even with crappy connectivity. Read More >>

All Parking Signs Should be This Easy to Read

Parking signs can be some of the most confusing things on the planet. But New York City-based designer Nikki Sylianteng is on a quest to change that, with a new style of sign which finally makes sense. It's gloriously simple, makes perfect sense and feels like something that every city in the world should embrace, not just New York. Read More >>

Google Now Can Remember Where You Parked

Google Now is getting a new superpower: it's going to be able to remember where you parked. Using your phone's sensors, it'll figure out when you've exited a vehicle and remember your car's location automatically, so you don't even have to think twice. Read More >>

“No Change” Parking Meters Rake in Bonus £300k in a Year

Cornwall Council has been having a whale of a time ripping off tourists and locals, with its "no change" parking meters taking over £300,000 in excess parking fees thanks to a decision to stop handing out change. The cost of maintaining the float and an increased risk of vandalism in cash-carrying machines are the excuses for the windfall. [BBC] Read More >>

This New App Wants to Fight Your Parking Tickets For You

It's happened to all of us. You get back to your car after a delicious brunch or productive visit to the bookstore only to find a demonic little slip of paper tucked under your windshield wiper. "But the machine was broken!" you think. "I'm going to contest this!" you say to yourself. No, you're not. Read More >>